Lighten Up Your Summer Makeup Routine

Ah, summertime. The season of fruity water, bright oversized beach floats, sandals, and sun-kissed skin. With all the rays you’re sure to be catching, it’s the perfect time to pamper your skin. Pair your Celavive® skincare essentials with these summery makeup tips for a vibrantly healthy summer makeup routine.

Tip 1: Sunny weather usually means glistening (okay, sweaty) skin. Activities like hiking, beach volleyball, and swimming can leave your skin feeling grimy, parched, and overexposed. Don’t let this tempt you to skip out on daily cleansing.

Pro Tip: Switch to a cleanser that calms your skin like Gentle Milk Cleanser to sooth, rehydrate, and reinvigorate as you clean each precious pore.

Tip 2: The high temps of summer can cause your skin’s pH levels to be all over the place. Balancing out these levels for a beautiful complexion is an important step in a successful summer skincare routine.

Pro Tip: Use USANA’s Perfecting Toner after cleaning to harmonize your skincare routine.

Tip 3: Sheet masking is a new trend in summer skincare essentials. As you relax by the pool, take in a good book, or lounge by the AC vent, give your skin some TLC.

Pro Tip: Celavive’s Hydrating + Lifting Sheet Mask drenches your skin in rich serums to leave your complexion visibly bright, tight, and smooth.

Tip 4: Your summer makeup routine should focus on light coverage. Heavy cream moistures can mix with sweat and other skin oils, clogging your pores. Thin out your favorite moisturizer—I recommend Protective Day Lotion—with your usual face primer to create the ideal beauty balm to combat UVB rays while feeling lighter on your skin.

Pro Tip: Tinted moisturizer is a definite “yes” as a summertime makeup essential. Let your natural glow shine through by mixing your thicker concealer foundation with Protective Day Cream or Lotion to give you subtle color coverage and breathable skin.

Tip 5: The tender skin around your eyes is sensitive to sunlight. For an easy and cool eye refresh, place your Hydrating Eye Essence in the fridge for 30 minutes. Apply as usual under your eyes, and massage it into the top of your lids, too. Your eyes will look de-puffed, and the essence makes a fabulous eye shadow primer.

Pro Tip: Be bold with brightly pigmented shadows like coral, pink, or lilac. Whether you’re hosting a summer party or sightseeing on vacation, a fun eye color pumps up your confidence and makes you stand out.

Tip 6: Stay glam during your dip in the pool, surf session, or hike by using a waterproof mascara and eyeliner. There are stay-proof formulas and colors galore to try.

Pro Tip: Lip stains add color without cracking. Try them to replace sticky glosses or drying lipsticks to give your lips a lovely color to compliment your skin tone.

Now you’re ready to slay any summer outing looking fresh and fabulous. Share your picture perfect #CelaviveSelfie and tag @CelaviveOfficial for a chance to be featured. Glow on, girl!

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