10 Activities to Add to Your Fall Family Bucket List

Dry leaves crackling under your shoes and the crisp, earthy morning smell—there’s something magical about fall. It’s a season to think, reflect, and remember. And it does wonders to bring families and friends together.

Whether you take a long, scenic walk with the autumn colors drifting around you or get cozy on a warm couch to watch your favorite Halloween movies, there’s no shortage of family fall activities. And many of them are far from breaking the bank.

Gather your loved ones and start checking off your fall family activity bucket list. We’ve come up with a few ideas below. Choose your favorites and get going right away.

Family Fall Activities Bucket List Apple Pie

  1. Bake a Healthy Crumble or Pie

Nothing lures the family into the kitchen quite like the sweet, fruity scent of treats baking in the oven. And there are plenty of recipes for making healthy, sugar-free fruit pies, crumbles, and crisps.

Turn the activity into a service project by having a baked food sale and donating your earnings to your favorite charity.

Family Fall Activities Bucket List Pumpkin Patch

  1. Visit an Apple Orchard or Pumpkin Patch

If you’re lucky, you may live close to an apple orchard or local farm with a pumpkin patch. Just search online and see what you can find. Then go and enjoy the scenery as you pick some yummy produce to take home.

Check out this list of the best apple-picking regions in the United States.

Family Fall Activities Bucket List Corn Maze

  1. Get Lost in a Corn Maze

No fall family bucket list is complete without a trip to the local corn maze. Find one close to you and spend an evening getting lost together. With a healthy amount of teamwork and patience, you’ll find your way out by dinnertime.

Family Fall Activities Bucket List Scary Stories Campfire

  1. Spin Some Spooky Stories

Fall may be magical, but with the right attitude (and lighting), it can be also delightfully spooky.

So, turn down the lights, make some warm cider, gather ‘round, and take turns telling your favorite scary stories. And then, maybe keep the lights on the rest of the night… just in case.

Family Fall Activities Bucket List Library

  1. Read at the Library

With colder weather and shorter days on the horizon, a nice, warm evening at the local library is a must for your fall family activity bucket list. Everybody can find their new, favorite book and hide away for an hour or two.

Check the books out and take them home to keep on reading the rest of the season. This article reveals how healthy it can be for your family to spend time reading.

Family Fall Activities Bucket List Plant Tulips

6. Plant Tulip Bulbs for the Spring

Summer has moved on and winter is on its way, but that doesn’t mean your family can’t look ahead to a new year of life and warmth. Fall is the best time to plant tulip bulbs. Spend a weekend afternoon burying some wherever you’ve got good soil—six to eight weeks before the first frost is expected.

Come spring, your family will be greeted by a happy spectrum of colors and aromas.

Family Fall Activities Bucket List Autumn Leaves

7. Take a Drive to See the Fall Colors

Autumn is all about the changing of seasons, colors, and smells. Experience it firsthand by piling into a car and going for a scenic, relaxing drive. Turn up some tunes, travel to a nearby park or canyon, and admire the colors together.

Family Fall Activities Bucket List Popcorn

8. Pop Popcorn on the Stove

Because, why not? It’s easy, tasty, and everybody can watch in anticipation as each kernel suddenly transforms.

Not sure how? Check out this simple recipe. It even has some healthy options for this salty, crunchy treat.

Family Fall Activities Bucket List Bonfire

9. Bond Around a Bonfire

Nothing drives away the autumn evening chill quite like a crackling campfire. Find a safe place, gather some firewood, and let the flames warm your soul. It’s the perfect setting for stories, jokes, and songs. This is a must-have on your fall family activity bucket list.

Family Fall Activities Bucket List Fair Carnival

10. Attend a Local Fair or Festival

Many communities hold exciting events during the fall season—often to showcase good food, music, crafts, and art. Free up a weekend and spend the day supporting local businesses and getting into the fall spirit. There’s sure to be something for every member of the family.

And this can just be the start of your family’s fall activity bucket list. Share your favorite fall activities below.


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