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Top Moments from 2017 International Convention

It was a celebration of a lifetime. For four days in August, the USANA family gathered in Salt Lake City to celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary. From the amazing workshops to the spectacular general sessions, it was an incredible experience. Here are some of the highlights: New Markets Opening in Europe The USANA family is growing. […]

Europe Market Expansion

Welcome Romania, Spain, Germany, and Italy Buna! Hola! Hallo! Ciao! No matter how you say it, they all mean the same thing—USANA is growing. Starting in mid-2018, USANA will be adding four new markets in Europe: Romania, Spain, Germany, and Italy. This is exciting news. They were selected because of their strong Associate connections plus […]


Go Take a Hike: Tips for First-Time Hikers

It Starts with the First Step. The trail marker was sufficient warning: primitive. Head to Southern Utah. Far from the front gate of Arches National Park, there’s a secluded trail well off the beaten path. Primitive Trail is in the center of this desert wonderland, a spur of the Devils Garden trail system. It’s seven-mile […]

Acute Versus Chronic Inflammation

Life of the Ex-Athlete I don’t remember the last time I wore a rugby jersey, but there isn’t a morning I don’t remember that I played in one. Rugby is a brutal game. Played without pads, 15 knuckleheads try to advance the ball through 15 other knuckleheads who are actively trying to tackle them. For […]