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Life After Knee Surgery

Last November, I found myself in pre-op, waiting to have a torn meniscus repaired. I know how I got there. After a lifetime of working manual labor jobs, playing competitive rugby and boxing, and basically beating the heck out of my body, my joints had had enough. Sports injuries had sidelined me and as a […]


25 RESET Winners Drop Nearly 1,300 Pounds

The road to Sanoviv was paved with dedication, commitment, and a whole bunch of shed weight. In our last RESET Challenge* (before we move to MySmart™Start), our final class of winners spanned from Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, and the United States. They all had unique stories and different backgrounds, but they all shared […]

A Green Thumb Can Be Good for Your Soul

You can get your head clear and your body right at a lot of different places. For some, it’s in the gym pumping iron and hitting the treadmill. For others, fishing an isolated riverbank does the trick. But for me, it’s right in my backyard, working in the garden. I’ve been gardening for about five […]