Scientifically Speaking: Product Reformulations

USANA’s R&D team is always advancing as nutritional science progresses, to ensure our product are the best they can be. Let’s take a look at the reformulations from the past few years, to show why these are not just upgrades for the sake of change, but because they make a difference to your health. Thanks to Dr. Brian Dixon for the information he provided to help me with this post.

Adults Need To Stay Strong

In 2009, the Essentials got even more essential. They were upgrade with an increased level of Vitamin D, 1800 IU/day. We’ve talked about the importance of Vitamin D on What’s Up, USANA? before. Essentials are the cornerstone of USANA’s offerings, and provide a solid foundation to support a healthy lifestyle.

Hepasil DTX, which supports liver function to promote and balance the body’s detoxification process, was upgraded in 2010. While utilizing Hybrid Technology was a big change, we also increased antioxidant status and increased detoxifiacation capacity. In fact, USANA has two patents pending on the Hepasil. You can find more information here, as well.

A new formulation of Turmeric (with its active ingredient, curcuminoids), for superior bioavaialbility, was a big part of the upgrade to Procosa in 2011. In addition, this vegetarian-friendly reformulation is also more convenient, as the dose is now three tablets per day. Remember, Procosa provides glucosamine and other nutrients essential in support of joint health.

Keeping Kids Healthy

Two additional reformulations in 2011 were Usanimals and BodyRox. Kids’ bodies change at a more rapid rate than adults, so providing them with additional supplement support is not a bad idead.

Usanimals was upgraded with a new and improved vitamin, mineral, antioxidant formula; with increased levels of Vitamin D, B12, Selenium, and a small amount of Iron. Usanimals is now vegetarian friendly, as well.

Almost forgot the improved flavor. My kids love it, and actually remind me to give them their vitamins each day. They may like the flavor, but as their Mom, I know this is the most complete kids’ antioxidant complex on the market today.

BodyRox is now better formulated to support all of the growth and changes a teen’s body goes through. Not only does BodyRox, now contain increased levels of B vitamins, Vitamin D, Cysteine, and Lutein, it provides support for healthy skin and is vegetarian friendly.

While I do not know what is in store for 2012, I do know USANA’s R&D team is always looking for ways to ensure our current product formulations are the best they can be, are innovative, and are looking for new products to bring to the USANA family.

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