USANA Tech Tips: A Helpful App for Gluten-Free Dining

The gluten-free food market has exploded in recent years. It’s due in part to the nearly 3 million Americans with Celiac disease, the 1 in 7 Americans who will have gluten intolerance at some point in their lifetime, and a new wave of healthy eaters who feel better without gluten in their diet.

If you’re on a gluten-free diet, you’ve probably been frustrated trying to find restaurants that are certified as gluten-free. Some restaurants advertise a gluten-free menu, but many don’t and gluten-free eaters end up being restricted to the one or two restaurants they know are gluten-free.

“Dish Freely,” a new iPhone app, is helping gluten-free eaters find certified gluten-free restaurants.

The app allows gluten-free eaters to submit and rate gluten-free dishes they’ve tried. They can even search for specific dishes and see reviews of the best gluten-free results in the area.

All reviews are submitted by actual users who can upload photos of the dish, add comments, and even check into location-based services like Foursquare.

Download the app for free on iTunes

How about you?

Do you steer clear of gluten? If so, what are some of your favorite restaurants and/or dishes? Please let us know in the comments.


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  1. Christina English
    Christina English says:

    my husband has Celiac and was diagnosed in Junior High School. We have a well rounded view and experience of eating gluten free! Part of knowing where to eat is knowing what you can eat. Sometimes we will go to a restaurant that do not have listed gluten free options, but we know what to substitute in order to make it safe to eat.

    Some places we do like that have gluten free options/menu are PF Changs, Pei Wei, BJs Pizza, Naples Rib Co., that’s just a short list from Long Beach area in California:)

  2. Cathy Reed
    Cathy Reed says:

    This is a newly developed App that appears to have lots of potential for helping those of us with gluten intolerance or celiac. Check it out and let’s help put it to the test!


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