USANA AP Convention: ‘Secret’ to Success Starts with Live Events

USANA AP Convention - Featured Blog

People often ask, “What is the secret to success in this industry?”

“The secret to success is to attend events,” says USANA 8-Star Diamond Director Connie Yao, who just attended the 2013 USANA Asia Pacific Convention.

This is an open secret and everyone knows it, but leaders take it to heart.

This past weekend, a large group of our leaders from the United States and Canada flew thousands of miles away from home to attend the AP Convention in Hong Kong.

USANA AP Convention - Featured Blog

Attendees from North America included: Collette Larsen, Connie Yao, Vincent and Mable Chan, Annette and Victor Que, Tina Tao Pang and Ted Liu, Bibiana and Peter Pau, Mei Huang, Jean and Peter Cheung, and many more.

It’s clear the United States and Canada were well represented at the AP Convention.

At the Share the Vision reception, 10-Star Diamond Director, Collette Larsen and 6-Star Diamond Director, Vincent Chan proudly held the American and Canadian flags as they marched alongside leaders from USANA’s other markets. The crowd of 9,000-plus witnessed that USANA is truly an international company. Despite the different languages, cultures and backgrounds in the stadium, everyone shared one mission — to promote true health and true wealth.

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The three-day convention showcased speakers from around the world. Trainings were conducted in Mandarin, Korean, Thai and English. Everyone took home with them new skills and an enhanced passion for building a global USANA business.

And there is no doubt they all learned the “secret” to success — attend events because it truly re-energizes your belief! We can’t wait to see you in Salt Lake City in August for the 2013 USANA International Convention.

USANA AP Convention - Crowd Blog

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