Events, Advancements Heat Up Winnipeg

Winnipeg, also known as “Winterpeg,” might be known for its harsh winters but you’ll never feel the cold when you’re around the USANA Family.

“No matter how cold it is outside, it’s always warm at a USANA event,” says Susanne Cunningham, who, with her husband John, last week became USANA’s newest 3-Star Diamond Directors.

That statement is true in so many ways!

Susanne and John hosted an outstanding USANA event in Winnipeg, the capital and largest city of Manitoba, Canada, on Oct. 3. The audience not only gave guest speaker Aaron Dinh, 2-Star Diamond Director, a very warm welcome but it also honored him with a standing ovation following his presentation.

USANA Winnipeg 12

USANA Winnipeg 7 - Featured

John and Susanne made sure Belynda Lee, vice president of Canada and North American Asian market, Aaron and I were all given gifts to keep us warm this winter and to remind us of the love they have for us in Winnipeg. Their love and warmth was felt by all of us.

John and Susanne Cunningham are recognized for their advancement to 3-Star Diamond Directors.

John and Susanne Cunningham are recognized for their advancement to 3-Star Diamond Directors.

“You guys are amazing here in Winnipeg,” says Aaron. “You live through such extreme weather conditions and yet you can thrive in all conditions. This makes you adaptable and resilient.”

Aaron said it best. Nothing can stop the folks in Winnipeg from thriving, especially when the conditions are optimal. With USANA’s new compensation plan enhancements, our Winnipeg Associates are truly reaping the benefits and using it to their advantage.

Since the enhancements were announced in August at the 2013 International Convention, Winnipeg has already seen a lot more rank advancements, including two new Gold Directors — Bill and Debra Marr and Shirlea and Dr. Derrick Frederick.

Our hosts, John and Susanne, also advanced to 3-Star Diamond Directors last week.

It’s unanimous — everyone loves the new compensation plan enhancements! It’s ignited new energy in Winnipeg and here’s what our new Gold Directors have to say about it:

“The new compensation plan is excellent. It’s easy to understand, easy to calculate and people get paid on a lot faster. So we really like it.”

— Shirlea and Dr. Derrick Frederick, Gold Directors

“As soon as the new plan was launched, we decided to go for our Gold run that Friday. Three weeks after that, we became Gold! The new compensation plan is fantastic. It has been a wonderful change for every Associate in USANA.”

— Bill and Debra Marr, Gold Directors

To congratulate and recognize John and Susanne on the advancement and their leadership in Winnipeg, Belynda presented them with their new pins and white roses at the Thursday event.

Belynda also interviewed them on their take on the new compensation plan enhancements as well as tips they have to succeed in USANA. Check out the video below.


If you’re unable to view the video, please visit the USANA YouTube channel

USANA Family, if you haven’t looked into how the new compensation plan enhancements can benefit you and your business, it’s time to take a serious look. USANA is investing $40 million so you can earn more, get paid faster and build a solid business. Take advantage of all USANA has to offer to grow your business.Take advantage of all USANA has to offer to help you grow.


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  1. Pete Zdanis
    Pete Zdanis says:

    Dora and I have had the privilege of visiting our fellow USANA Associates in Winnipeg, and we agree that the people there are gracious, motivated and resilient. We are proud to call them our friends!

  2. Wild Bill Jones
    Wild Bill Jones says:

    Congratulations from the Pacific Northwest! Dyann and I are so proud of you and your recent accomplishment. Keep on making a difference in other people’s lives. You are amazing!
    Wild Bill Jones & Dyann Lyon

  3. If Only They Cared
    If Only They Cared says:

    If you read about supplements you’ll quickly realize that Usana doesn’t come up to the most basic standards as they are filled with synthetic nutrients. If you wanted a calcium supplement would you chew on a rock? That’s what a synthetic supplement equates to. So few of their products come from food sources. Why? Because it costs more.


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