5 Easy Steps to Get Featured on @USANAinc’s Instagram

Give your photos the showcase they deserve. Learn how to take professional Instagram photos and earn your spot in our #FanFriday posts.

1. Use Natural Light

Face the natural light the whole time. Use a window, door, or the sun. Have the light facing the subject of your photo.

Use Natural Light

2. Shoot in the Camera App with Grid On

  • Get the horizontal line straight.
  • The grid is your friend.
  • Do not take photos within the Instagram app.

3. Shoot at Varying Distance

  • Create breathability.
  • Create varying space and movement on your Instagram feed.

4. Use Rule of Thirds

  • Can you cut the photo in three pieces?
  • Studies have shown the human eye is drawn to things that aren’t perfectly centered.

5. Adjust Exposure

  • You get more information in the camera app.
  • Get it right in the app—don’t rely on an Instagram filter.
  • Tap the part of the photo you want to focus on and a sunburst will appear.
  • Hold your hand on the sunburst and push it up or down to adjust exposure.

Armed with five easy steps, you are ready to go out into the world and produce stunning Instagram photos. Try it and report back with the hashtag #USANAgram.

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