Europe Market Expansion

Welcome Romania, Spain, Germany, and Italy

Buna! Hola! Hallo! Ciao!

No matter how you say it, they all mean the same thing—USANA is growing.

Starting in mid-2018, USANA will be adding four new markets in Europe: Romania, Spain, Germany, and Italy. This is exciting news. They were selected because of their strong Associate connections plus the added value of bringing new levels of excitement to USANA.

Currently, all four markets are open to Preferred Customers (PC) only. But starting in the middle of next year, PCs and new prospects may enroll and participate in USANA’s seamless, global compensation plan and sell products to customers as well.

Each market is working tirelessly to get ready to open for business. We’ll keep you posted when they officially join USANA.

Here are some fun facts about our new markets:


  • Second-fastest growing economy in Europe
  • Home to Sapanta-Peri, the world’s tallest wooden church
  • Setting of Bram Stoker’s famous novel Dracula


  • Largest economy in the European Union
  • Direct selling has grown 5.2 percent over the past three years
  • Largest population in Europe


  • One of the highest unemployment rates in the world
  • Third-most visited country in the world
  • Large population of Associates already speak the language


  • 12th-largest direct selling market in the world with almost US $3 billion in sales
  • Fourth-largest economy in Europe
  • Over 600 Associates expressed interesting in opening Italy for business

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7 replies
  1. Grace Anne Silva
    Grace Anne Silva says:

    This is amazing!!!! Usana is indeed growing! Congratulations to my Usana family. Looking forward to build my business in these countries.

  2. Jeleane Repique
    Jeleane Repique says:

    Hello, I would like to become a USANA member here in Norway I need assistance with regards to the process and taxes applies for payment and shipment of products. Since it has not reach norway yet in business expansion we need a security to find a trust worthy direct seller.
    I am still doing further research on companys whereabouts.
    We are looking forward for a reply. Thank you!

    • Michelle Feuille
      Michelle Feuille says:

      So excited that you are wanting to joiner amazing USANA family. I am so proud to be part of a company that I am proud to tell others about, one that can be trusted and one that has transformed my life and health and many others, past, present and future. Please get in touch with me 1+(915) 667-1272 and I look forward to hearing from you.
      Michelle Feuille

  3. Wilma de Castro
    Wilma de Castro says:

    Hi Jeleane! I’m a Usana associate here in the Philippines and I wish to help you get usana products since it’s not yet available in your country.

  4. KwaI Chun Fink
    KwaI Chun Fink says:

    I am excited to hear that Usana is coming to Germany next mid year . I have been taking Usana ‘s products since August 2009. I would like to be contacted . I would like to be member for Usana in Germany .

    • Mohammed Elrayah
      Mohammed Elrayah says:

      Hi Kwal.

      Thanks for your posting. Please inbox me your contact details.
      then we will work with you step by step before pre-enrollment start
      within your Germany market

      look forward to your reply and best regards.


    • patrice jorioz
      patrice jorioz says:

      Hello Kwal Chun Fink

      It is wonderful news that USANA is going to develop in Germany.
      If you are interested in this market you can contact me directly by email.
      We can talk about it together.
      See you soon

      [email protected]


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