自2012年以来,USANA 真正健康基金会一直在全球范围内进行慈善捐赠和救助活动,帮助需要帮助的人群。从人道主义工作到捐赠食物并为儿童提供维持健康的物资,基金会在2017年取得了很大的成就。

Winter Running Tips

By Amber Bowman – Fitness Coach, Team USANA Athlete, Winner of The Dr. Oz Show’s “Trainer of the Year” Contest, and Firefighter For those of us who live where the snow falls or the temperatures like to drop low, we have to get good…





It’s Ab-oat Time: 10 Oatmeal Recipes

The humble oat — or Avena sativa — if you’re fancy. This little grain, when milled, steel-cut, or rolled becomes one of the most versatile foods on this big, floating rock we live on. You can make cookies, beer, crisps, granola bars, and…

Chinese New Year 2018—The Year of the Dog

Although China adopted the Western calendar in 1912, the annual celebration of Chinese New Year remains one of the world’s largest festivals. Each year one-sixth of the world’s population—including the more than one billion people…