Finding out what type of skin you have is the first step to caring for it. Luckily, all you need to do to discover your skin’s personality is answer a few simple questions. Take a quick look at this questionnaire to figure out what your skin needs. After all, you’re unique, and your skin is too. Which Celavive Regimen Is Best for Your Skin?

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Download Your Skin Type Quiz Here

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  1. Joyce Clarke
    Joyce Clarke says:

    Took the quiz, came out “normal”. Went to the secondary quiz and got stuck on question 2 , When does your face get red. None of the answers apply. My skin gets red when I’m embarrassed or in the sun for too long. Where do I go from here?

    I have been using Sensé products since they came out, I have no idea what my skin would be without them and I don’t want to find out just to take the quiz.

  2. Ronald Usher
    Ronald Usher says:

    I have been using Celavive for the past two months and the change in my skin and facial appearance is nothing short of “fantastic”.
    The lines have gone and the skin is tight and smooth so many people have remarked on my young looking face and at my age (84) the new image has given me so much more confidence.

  3. Ronald Usher
    Ronald Usher says:

    I have used Celavive for 2 months and my facial change is fantastic.
    Lines and droopy skin, eye bags have all gone.
    The new young look has given me so much more confidence and women are saying to me how great I look !
    At 84, I am a changed person.


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