Whole Fruit vs. Fruit Juice: A Fruit Study Infographic

We all know the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and a study led by USANA scientist, Dr. Jessie Nicodemus Johnson, shows why it’s a good idea to heed that advice. The study shows that eating whole fruit provides different benefits to the body versus drinking fruit juice. Although juice consumption may help with vitamin and mineral absorption, the immune system pathways associated with juice consumption are different than that of the humble whole fruit consumer, likely because the fiber in whole fruit is regulating what and when different compounds that are consumed are taken into the body.

Read the full study here.

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    • Shauntel Peterson
      Shauntel Peterson says:

      Isn’t it so interesting the how getting our nutrition from the right places affects our bodies? Thanks for reading, Kendra. Have you tried our Sanoviv recipe for fruit popsicles?

  1. Cleo Ruffle
    Cleo Ruffle says:

    Interesting . So many of us are of the belief that eating too many fruits have a high sugar content. I personally like my fruits fresh, not juiced and living in an area surrounded by orchards, I eat a lot of fresh fruits in season. I try to stay with the recommended quantity, sometimes hard with nice fresh juicy cherries. Thanks for sharing this information.


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