Pinterest Strategy for Your Business

We all do it. We sit down with our laptop, or open up the Pinterest app on our phones, and scroll through the endless stream of recipes, DIY projects, and workout routines. We search for home decorating tips, diet tricks, and everything in between. But in addition to being a search engine, Pinterest can also be a valuable tool to introduce your business to a brand new audience.

Although Pinterest may not be as widely utilized as Facebook or Instagram, you can easily pin your way to a new business strategy. It’s one of the best-kept marketing secrets!

Your Audience Is Out There. Trust Us.

If you think your target audience isn’t using Pinterest, think again! Two hundred and fifty million people use Pinterest every single month, and over 50 percent of those users are from outside of the United States. Traditionally, Pinterest has been dominated by female users, but men now account for up 50 percent of all new sign-ups to the platform.

Users on Pinterest actively seek inspiration. They’re organized planners looking for their next big venture. Whether you’re building a personal brand, growing a small business, or trying to drive traffic to your educational blog, Pinterest is your gateway to the world.

Reap the Benefits of a Free Business Account

Pinterest Strategy for Your Business: Cover Image

Much like other social media platforms, Pinterest offers a free Business Account. This perk allows you to carefully track your Pin analytics and demographics. You’ll be able to better understand the type of people who engage with your content and craft your Pins accordingly. By joining Pinterest as a business, you can better reach people as they make important decisions. Think of Pinterest as a visual Google. If you are looking for a pair of shoes for a wedding, you would search “wedding shoes” on Google and be rewarded with pages upon pages of places to purchase those particular shoes.

Pinterest is no different. Create a Pin promoting USANA® Probiotic as a business, and you’ll be found amongst the other retailers who provide solutions to bring balance to your belly. A new customer, Associate, or friend could be just one click away!

Leave No Description Unwritten 

 How will people find your Pins? Remember, Pinterest is a search engine much like Google. For best visibility, write your Pin and Board descriptions using search-friendly terms. If you feel a bit lost on what these might be, type some basic words into the Pinterest search bar. If you’re creating a Pin or a Board about skincare, type this term into the search bar to see what other relevant terms appear. Once you find strong, correlating terms, incorporate these into your Pin’s description. The more relevant your search terms are, the more people will easily find your Pins and connect with your business.

Pinterest Strategy for Your Business: Search Terms

Here’s an example of a description using popular search terms:

“The quest for flawless skin has been an undertaking since the dawn of civilization. But what if we told you a lot of people achieve beautiful, healthy-looking skin by sticking to a few simple habits? Check out our 5 healthy habits for beautiful skin!

All of the words underlined were generated by typing “skincare” into the Pinterest search bar. By taking the time to create a search-friendly description, USANA was rewarded with tens of thousands of views on this particular Pin, where it otherwise might have gone unnoticed. With Pinterest, descriptions are your best friend and well worth the extra time to perfect.

If you’re still unsure about finding keywords and search terms for Pinterest, here is an easy-to-use resource.

Be Active, Stay Consistent

Just like any other social platform, being consistent and active on Pinterest is crucial. Take some time to decide how often you’d like to Pin to your account. What’s the most manageable posting schedule for your lifestyle? Could you post a USANA product on Monday and Friday each week? Could you re-pin a healthy recipe on Wednesday? Whether you’re able to post five times each day or once every other week, just remember to keep it consistent.

Pinterest Strategy for Your Business: Pins

If you can keep to a consistent and active posting schedule on Pinterest, you are guaranteed to see an increase in your overall following. Although it may take time to get the ball rolling, you’ll soon start to see customer growth expand. Pinterest rewards those who are active and engaged!

Analyze Your Data and Spice Things Up

With a free Business Account, you can continually analyze all of your hard work. Pinterest will give you insights on your most popular Pins to allow you to better understand what types of images and search terms perform better than others. You can also see the types of users who engage with your content. If you know your Pins are primarily seen by men in their late 20s, you can better cater to this demographic.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to spice things up! Experiment with different images and search terms when you Pin. You’ll only learn more about your audience and what they like to see. Find your own personal niche, whether it’s traveling, working out, raising your kids, or baking with purpose—there’s an active audience on Pinterest just waiting to hear from you.

Shout it from the Rooftop

Share your love of Pinterest by promoting your account on your other social media channels. This is a great way to grow your initial following and engage with your current audience. Pinterest could provide the content your followers crave that can’t be found on other platforms.

But Pinterest is all about finding your new audience. This is your opportunity to reach a whole new world of people. By using Pinterest you can get your products to users who are ready to discover and do what they love. Are you ready?

We now pass it over to you! Do you currently use Pinterest? Are you excited to get started? What other questions can we answer? Let us know in the comments below.