Ambassador Spotlight: Signs from the Heart

Born deaf, the Silver Director is making a big impact on YouTube, sharing his message of family, good health, and living your best life.

You don’t need to understand American Sign Language (ASL) to feel Kevin’s passion. Of course, his hands are expressive, but he signs with his entire body. Kevin can connect with his audience with his eyes, smile, and authenticity. With a boyish charm, he can explain the science behind USANA’s products, share crucial business-building tips, or tell a funny family story. Kevin is informative, entertaining, and genuinely fun to watch.

For those who don’t know ASL, Kevin’s wife, Stacey, is there to interpret. She works as a video relayer, assisting deaf individuals with online presentations. Even though Stacey is the translator, she’s just as much a star in every video. Just as expressive and engaging as Kevin, she provides the voice to every production.

“We always try to keep it light, funny, and emotional,” Stacey said. “It’s about building trust. If they trust us, they’ll trust our message about USANA.”

The DaSilvas strive to keep every video simple and honest. There isn’t any fancy lighting or camera work. The footage is raw and real. Kevin speaks from the heart about the trials and tribulations of his family’s life. They’re both incredibly busy, especially now they’ve adopted a 1-year-old. Instead of shrinking away from the demands of life, they share their story in a video.

On the porch from their home in Phoenix, the DaSilvas fire up the video camera and discuss their busy day. Between taking care of their kid, working two jobs, and running their USANA business, they still want to get out and do a sunset hike. Because of their commitment to live a healthy life, the DaSilvas have the energy to catch a beautiful desert sunset. The entire video casually weaves in what life is like in the Southwest and connects how USANA allows them to create new and interesting family moments.

“When you’re healthy and have the energy to get out and do things, you’re living an incredible life,” Kevin said. “We always try to challenge ourselves and challenge others to do more than they think they can.”

Give Them a Sign

Being deaf sets Kevin apart, but it doesn’t slow him down. In fact, relying on ASL opens up a new world of possibility for sharing USANA. He’s able to create unique and interesting content especially designed for the deaf community. With Stacey translating for him, they’re able to make connections with anyone interested in living a healthier life.

“Because of my connection with the deaf community, I’m recognized on an almost daily basis because of our videos,” Stacey said. “For the deaf, sign language is their first language. It’s very special to be able to serve people in their native language.”

Kevin said it’s not about the message but how they tell their story. They focus on the adventures of being new parents, the demands of a busy schedule, and trying to experience everything life has to offer. And above all else, they want to give more value to their audience with personalized health tips.

For example, they shared a video on skin health. Even though Kevin starts the conversation, Stacey jumps in and takes over with great skincare tips. It’s funny and wonderful watching the DaSilvas interact with each other. They finish each other’s thoughts. And best of all, it’s a great instructional video on how to use the Celavive® regimen from start to finish.

“He looks like he’s 16 years old,” Stacey teases Kevin as she showcases the various Celavive products. “These are the best videos. They showcase who we are and what we have to offer.”

Keep It Simple

In the end, the DaSilvas are happy to share their lives with the world. More than using video production as a sales tool, it’s their opportunity to share the moments of their lives. They know they’re building a legacy with USANA and participating in a something bigger than themselves. Kevin is committed to giving back and helping others. With every video, Kevin and Stacey are showing the world the benefits of living their best lives and the unlimited possibilities of good health.

“It’s not what I can get out of it,” Kevin said. “It’s what I can give others and provide for the world. It’s about how I can help others create their own legacy.”

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Kevin’s tips for creating a great video

  • Respect Your Audience. Talk to them as if they are in the room with you. Share a connection and give them a reason to watch your video.
  • Take Them Somewhere. Before you start recording, make sure you know what you want to say.
  • Follow Up. After posting your video, read and respond to every comment. Make sure your audience feels valued and validated for engaging with you.
  • Block Off Time. Post regularly and focus to provide good content. Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to do too much.