Ambassador Spotlight: Making Wellness Connections

USANA Associate Chris Poorten is, in a word, approachable. Easygoing, well-spoken, and brimming with an optimism that makes you wonder what makes him tick. As I got to know him and his drive, it was easy to understand why Chris won the Best of Twitter award at International Convention 2018.

Fresh off a weekend workshop where he spoke about wellness journeys and the importance of mental health, Chris elaborated on his start in the health and wellness industry, and his love of community, healthy living, and live music. His slogan and social media handle, “Rock Your Life,” reminds us to always be the rockstar in our lives.

An Associate since January 2005, it took Chris a lot of research and trial and error before he decided USANA was the right fit. He’s glad he made the choice to start his business. “My health has improved. I notice a significant difference in how I feel every day. And, like so many others, I came into the opportunity for the money, but I stay for the people—the community and the family that’s involved.” Chris greatly enjoys making a positive difference in people’s lives, on their own terms.

Read more about Chris and learn to make true connections on social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook below. Then carry those relationships into the real world, authentically.

Do What You Love

“I get a natural high from helping people. To have the opportunity to reach out and connect with somebody looking for help, suggestions, or guidance. For me, it’s fun to just tap into your phone, load up a couple apps, and connect with other like-minded people.”

In the early days of Facebook, Chris was one of the first to see an opportunity to build his business online. And with social, the chance to connect is endless.

If you possess a passion to help others, look no further than Twitter. Chris recommends this popular app for the comprehensive search engine you can use to find the health-related questions people are asking. Whether it’s weight loss, skincare needs, workout recovery, or a million different nutritional questions, there are folks online, right now, asking for help and seeking advice.

Chris spends time in the morning and 20 minutes several times a day to search for questions and offer advice, encouragement, and solutions. He doesn’t search using hashtags, simply questions and keywords. (By the way: Chris credited this advice to Gary Vaynerchuk, who happens to be speaking at USANA Live Global Convention this year!)

Let Your Light Shine

Starting a business is intimidating. Creating and using social media accounts for that business can be just as scary. But Chris has great advice to get started, something he possesses naturally: be yourself.

“People will be attracted to you when you are your authentic self.”

Go out. Have fun. Take pictures. Experience life and let your light shine. When you focus too much on creating a persona, you might lose sight of yourself.

When making an online presence, a good mix of fun, business, and personal touches adds depth. Chris balances business with motivational quotes that mean something to him, live music performances, nutritional and wellness advice, and interesting pics from all his fun travels.

Find Your One Way

When powering a business through social, there are many different routes to success. For example, Chris doesn’t schedule posts. He knows it’s an option on multiple platforms, but his style is spontaneous—and available. When he engages with someone online, that person might think, “Chris just posted this two minutes ago—he’s available to help me right now.” And it works.

“Even if someone doesn’t have anything to gain necessarily from talking with me or working with me, they know I’m still going to answer their calls and help them out.”

For Chris, nothing is better than being able to offer support. Getting a random text message from someone with a word of thanks is, for him, a “wonderful feeling.” He recently received a message from a friend looking for a career change, something in the health and wellness field. He can’t wait to meet with her and share USANA. A wonderful feeling, indeed.

Beyond the Screen

His business is 60 percent social, but Chris still engages in person. The community Chris has built, online and off, gets together for approachable weekend adventures like biking, kayaking, yoga, and paddle-boarding. He mostly sets these activities up through face-to-face networking and Facebook Events. Such outings are a great way to get to know people.

His local community connections really paid off last September when Hurricane Florence hit his area of Wilmington, North Carolina. Chris was right there with the USANA True Health Foundation, leading other volunteers to gather donations and provide relief efforts during a tumultuous time. USANA CEO Kevin Guest was impressed by the impact USANA Associates had in the midst of the devastation.

Chris’ Tips: Make the Connection Matter

  • People are asking for help, take the initiative to find them.
  • Go beyond the sale. Offer help and advice for each person’s unique situation. Be someone they can trust before someone they can buy from.
    • Always respond with a “thank you” or “thanks for connecting.” People want to feel appreciated, and you’ll keep a future opportunity open.
  • It’s all about community. Make the time to sincerely connect with each person you meet. Even if you can’t help them today, they’ll remember you tomorrow.
  • A business owner doesn’t mind working beyond the 9–5.
  • Find out early on where each new contact lives. This allows you to make appropriate product recommendations and reach out at convenient times for them.

Rock Your Life

Chris is a passionate, heart-driven person and says the same of the people he’s met through USANA. With this drive comes a restlessness to improve. This year, his focus is on video, specifically through YouTube, Instagram stories, and Facebook live.

You can find Chris online via Twitter @lifeofyourdream. Shoot him a message—he’ll be happy to make a connection.

Chris gives his sincere thanks to friends Loraine from California and Bob and Vickie from Washington. His mentors have made a huge impact to keep him on track and heading in the right direction.