USANA® WholeBio™ Bar: Snacking Just Got Wholesome

The next big thing in nutrition has arrived! Introducing our USANA® WholeBio™ Bar—a way for you to balance your digestive health, conquer your cravings, and make holistic lifestyle choices that nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Overall health and weight management begin in your gut. And this bar, developed with USANA’s unique prebiotic blend alongside probiotics, can nourish and reinvigorate a healthy microbiome of bacteria in your digestive system.

Clean Snacking: Let’s Break it Down

Nowadays, supermarket shelves are overflowing with nutrition bars and probiotic supplements. With all of these options, what makes the USANA WholeBio Bar unique?

  • Probiotics to encourage the health and diversity of your gut microflora
  • Proprietary blend of prebiotic fibers—including apple, blueberry, and raspberry— support the beneficial bacteria already in your gut
  • Nutrient-rich formula keeps you feeling fuller, longer
  • Easily recognizable, naturally based wholesome ingredients
  • Convenient to carry and perfect for on-the-go snacking
  • Delicious, satisfying flavor

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