Gut Nutrition On-the-Go: USANA® WholeBio™ Bar

It’s halfway through the day and you’re trying your best to eat a healthy. Breakfast, lunch, so far so good. Suddenly your gut rumbles and you remember how delicious chocolate is! Whether you’re at the office or driving to pick up the kids from school, you need a tasty snack pronto. But you also want to stick to your goal to eat healthy.

Say hello to the USANA® WholeBio™ Bar, a delicious, on-the-go snack that also helps support your gut health. You see, your gut is actually home to trillions of microbial buddies that help your body absorb nutrients, maintain immune function, and manage a healthy weight.  And they eat what you eat. Keep them healthy, and they’ll keep you healthy in return.

Our microbiome nutrition bar is a powerful blend of prebiotic fibers and phytonutrients designed to help nourish the microbiome in your gut.

Read on to learn more about how the USANA WholeBio Bar can help you take care of your microbiome.

What Makes the USANA WholeBio Bar Unique?

Supermarket shelves are overflowing with nutrition bars. With so many options, how does the USANA WholeBio Bar stand out above the crowd? The answer is found in the bar’s features:

  • Proprietary blend of prebiotic fibers—including apple, blueberry, and raspberry—supports beneficial bacteria already in your gut.
  • Nutrient-rich formula keeps you feeling fuller, longer.
  • Wholesome, naturally derived, and easily recognizable ingredients.
  • Convenient to carry and perfect for on-the-go snacking.
  • Delicious, satisfying flavor.

Powerful Prebiotics to Feed Your Bacteria Buddies

The bacteria in your digestive system are key to your overall health. They determine how well you absorb vital nutrients, and even affect how hungry you feel and what foods you crave.

The USANA WholeBio Bar is made with our Biome Booster, an exclusive blend of prebiotic fibersand phytonutrients. This blend helps feed and nourish bacteria in your gut so they grow strong and capable to support your digestive health.

Think of the beneficial bacteria as the seed and the prebiotic fibers as the water and sunlight that help the seed to sprout and grow. The USANA® WholeBio™ Bar contains both to help support and nourish a vibrant and robust microflora in your digestive system.

If you want to learn more about how dietary fiber can help your digestive health, just ask the scientists.

Crafted with Wholesome Ingredients

In a world of artificial sweeteners and flavor additives, your body needs clean and wholesome foods more than ever. The USANA WholeBio Bar is made with delicious, naturally derived ingredients to provide you with the antioxidants and phytonutrients crucial to both digestive and general health.

Some of these naturally derived ingredients are:

  • Dates: Naturally sweet and a source of fiber to help regulate your healthy digestive process.
  • Pea protein: Source of protein that doesn’t cause bloating and can help you feel fuller, longer.
  • Sunflower butter: Source of protein and vitamin E.
  • Almonds: Source of healthy fats, manganese, magnesium, fiber, and protein.

Healthy Weight Management Begins in Your Gut

When you combine the USANA WholeBio Bar’s blend of prebiotic fibers and satisfying ingredients with a balanced diet and regular exercise, you get a snack that can play an important role in healthy weight management.

How, exactly? The answers are simple:

  • The prebiotic fibers nourish beneficial bacteria in your gut. Having healthy gut bacteria has frequently been linked to healthy weight management.
  • The beneficial bacteria support your gut health and may help your digestive system to absorb satiety-supporting nutrients contained in the bar.
  • Some of the ingredients provide fiber and protein, making the USANA WholeBio Bar a filling and delicious snack. One bar goes a long way. 

Time to Get Snacking

USANA’s team of leading nutritional scientists and researchers has worked diligently to create a clean source of energy and nutrition that also optimizes digestive health. The USANA WholeBio Bar is the result of their effort and innovation.

The USANA WholeBio Bar is backed by user trials and solid scientific information. And rigorous testing ensures each ingredient is clean and effective. It’s science formulated simply.

Naturally derived ingredients, delicious, on-the-go nutrition for your gut—that’s what the USANA WholeBio Bar is all about. But it’s really more than that. It’s a chance for you to balance your digestive health, conquer your cravings, and make holistic lifestyle choices that nourish your body, mind, and soul.

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