Say I Do: Surviving Wedding Season

From Facebook invites to wax sealed envelopes in the mail box, love is in the air. Spring is a popular time for weddings because of the breezy, sunny weather and bright grassy, green backdrops. Whether you’re the one tying the knot or attending a ceremony for your best friend, a wedding is one of those milestones in life you never forget. With all this bliss, weddings can be anxiety inducing. Don’t let worries get in the way of love with these wedding survival tips.

Lose the Weight Loss Pressure at the Altar

Remember, your partner already loves you and your body just the way you are. For brides especially, the pressure for wedding dress perfection is intense. It’s easy to get caught up in the manufactured idea you have to be slimmer when you walk down the aisle than you were at the proposal. Grooms aren’t excluded from wedding weight loss pressure either. Even members of the wedding party are expected to go through fittings and be picture perfect on the big day.

You’ll look your best on your big day when you’re glowing with confidence, radiating love, and soaking in every moment. You are so much more than an arbitrary number on a scale or a tag stitched to clothes. And if you’re a weight-fretting bridesmaid or groomsmen, this message is for you, too.

Tying the Knot in Your Tennis Shoes

When wedding planning, you’ll likely be overwhelmed with seating arrangements, color pallets, food tasting, and venue shopping. All that stress (or stress from trying not to be stressed) can take a serious toll on your body. Don’t forget to prioritize your healthy habits during this process even more than usual. Drink plenty of water and take your vitamins. Keeping some aspect of your life grounded and “normal” will ease your mind. Practice using your daily workouts as stress relievers. Box, run, or lift away wedding planning thoughts for thirty minutes by focusing on moving your body.

Food—Everyone’s First True Love

Wedding guests, wedding party, and the happy couple will all think the same thing at some point during the big day—when can we eat? Your schedule will probably be busy whether you’re helping the bride or groom get ready, running around the venue for pictures, or trying on your third outfit for the reception. Don’t forget about everyone’s favorite first love: food.

Pack snacks if you’re a bridesmaid or groomsman in case you can’t wait until dinner. Easy-to-grab, low glycemic snacks like nuts, dried fruit, lunchmeat rolls, or carrots are packable and mess-free. Plus, your body will love the fiber, protein, and energy they give you. Outdoor weddings and hours on the dance floor can make anyone parched, so drink plenty of water throughout the day, ceremony, and reception. Fill up on fresh salad and healthy options at the reception dinner so there’s room to indulge a little in wedding treats. It’s a celebration, after all, and you never know if you’ll sample a traditional slice of wedding cake, a donut board, mini cupcakes, or satisfy your sweet spot with a signature cocktail. While you can never have too much love, focus on moderation as you hit the desert table.

As you plan the reception menu, remember to provide healthy, diet-conscious options for your guests.  Go through your guest list to see if attendees need gluten-free, nut-free, vegetarian, vegan, or diabetic friendly options. Make your menu full of flavor and open for every pallet that’s attending. Accommodating other’s health needs shows you care about your guests and you might find your menu becomes even tastier than before.

Vow to Focus on Memorable Moments

Weddings are a celebration of two lives coming together and sharing this commitment with those they love. Stay as present as you can to take in joyous moments throughout the event. Focus on the details the happy couple have planned, watch the wedding party smile, look for moments that can’t be captured in a photo or wedding hashtag.

If you’re jittery about tying the knot, giving a toast, or even seeing an ex at the ceremony, you’re now equipped to survive any wedding you attend this spring. Dance, drink, be merry, as you celebrate that crazy little thing called love!