3 Teen Skincare Tips

A teenager’s life is full of dynamic changes. From puberty to new schools and peer groups, your teen may need a boost of self-confidence every now and then. If their complexion adds another layer of stress, help them embrace a consistent skincare routine to renew their confidence. Teen skincare should focus on three easy steps: cleanse, tone, and hydrate.

Teen Skincare Tips Celavive

1. Cleanse

Teens should cleanse their face both morning and night to get the grime out of their pores. Finding the right cleanser for their skin is the first step.

If your teen’s face is usually red, irritated, or flaked with dry skin, they most likely have dry/sensitive skin. Try Gentle Milk Cleanser for a calm clean that moisturizes their parched skin.

If your teen struggles with a shiny t-zone and some dry patches, they have oily/combination skin. The rich lather of our Creamy Foam Cleanser offers a deep, moisturizing clean to leave them fresh-faced and fabulous.

Washing away the day is important for teens. She’s testing out the new Jeffree Star palette and up late studying. He’s running sprints at soccer practice and rehearsing his speech for the debate team. Stress is the perfect environment for breakouts, and no one has time for that.

Teen Skincare Tips Cleanser

2. Tone

Toning is often overlooked by adults and teens alike. It’s actually an important step to restore moisture to your skin and prepare it for creams, lotions, or serums to follow.

A quality toner doesn’t reek of rubbing alcohol or sting and burn your face with alpha-hydraulic acid. Perfecting Toner is gentle and effective. It features USANA InCelligence Technology® to remove impurities and rebalance pH levels for a happy, glowing complexion.

Teen Skincare Tips Toner

3. Hydrate and Protect

Hydration is key to healthy-looking skin. Skin loses moisture throughout the day, and a teen’s changing skin craves added hydration. Moisturizing twice a day helps your teen’s skin to thrive, inspiring them live their best life.

Protective Day Cream and Lotion are two awesome choices that offer ultra-hydration and quality sun protection. Always be sure your busy teen applies an SPF moisturizer each morning before they head out the door.

Daily SPF protection is vital for healthy skin. Taking in some sun rays is a great way to support vitamin D levels, but it can quickly go from good vibes to damaging.

Rehydrating at night is often forgotten in skincare. Help replenish your teen’s skin as they get quality beauty sleep with our Replenishing Night Cream and Gel. And, USANA InCelligence Technology pumps up hydration.

Teen Skincare Tips Hydrate

Remind your teenager to be patient when using new skincare products. It can take a few months for their skin to adjust.

For the Skincare Fanatic

If your teen’s skincare game is going strong, pick up a few Hydrating + Lifting Sheet Masks. Sheet masks are totally trending right now. They’re cotton face-shaped masks soaked in rich, naturally derived serums. So turn on your favorite movie, slip into a sheet mask, and enjoy some one-on-one time relaxing with your teen. You’ll probably laugh at each other’s masked faces, so snap a selfie or two.

Teen Skincare Tips Healthy

Clean Up Your Makeup

Breakouts and blemishes might have your teen reaching for heavy, full-coverage concealer and foundation, but all that coverage can clog their pores. Help them transition to lighter coverage to save their skin in the long run.

Never share makeup. It’s tempting to borrow someone’s mascara when you’re in a pinch in the locker room, but sharing makeup can lead to nasty infections being spread to the whole squad.

As important as it is to wash your face, washing makeup brushes is a must as well. Not only will a clean brush pick up and transfer product better, but it also helps stop bacteria from forming between bristles.


With changing hormones, growing bodies, cliques, and societal pressures, teens have a lot to deal with. It’s easy for teens to compare themselves to the “perfect” Insta influencers. Help their confidence with a simple and consistent skincare routine. And always remind them: no amount of makeup, clothing, or status can replace the attributes that make them unique.

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