Commit to You: 90 Days of Health

A new relationship, or your dream job. Eating more vegetables, cutting screen time, or getting a solid eight hours of sleep—what was your last big commitment? Throughout our lives, we continuously commit and recommit to different aspirations, all to become better versions of ourselves.


Commit to U

Self-improvement is at the heart of USANA, and so is community. Combine the two and you get our new Commit to U health challenge. Join our #CommitToU movement to transform your physical and mental health over the next 90 days.

  1. Choose:

Commit to a health challenge, whether it’s fitness, self-care, or nutrition focused. And remember, even small changes are empowering. If you’re stuck, here are a few ideas for inspiration:

    • Health:
      • Go to bed at the same time each night
      • Apply sunscreen every day before heading out
      • Eat in-season fruits and vegetables
      • Take your supplements daily
      • Fill up your water bottle three times a day
    • Fitness:
      • Do 20 squats, or exercise of your choice, per day
      • Focus to build one body group or muscle
      • Improve your posture with sitting exercises
      • Walk outside every day. Bonus points if you bring a friend or pet
      • Add a morning or evening stretching routine
    • Mental Wellness:
      • Start a gratitude practice or journal
      • Reconnect with old friends or family members
      • Cut the chaos by prepping your meals, establishing a daily chore routine, or limiting screen time
      • Say goodbye to one bad habit a month
      • Check in with yourself, taking note of your feelings, worries, and anxieties
    • Self-Care:
      • Write yourself a note of encouragement each day
      • Save one dollar every day
      • Relax in 15 minutes of silence
      • Learn a new skill
      • Expand your experiences by going to a new part of town
      • Take in more art, theater, or music
      • Get more involved in your community

Most importantly, make this challenge your own!

  1. Post:

Share your experience on social media to connect with the USANA family, motivate yourself, and create a health-minded community with your followers and friends. Use #CommitToU and watch for weekly updates on USANA’s social media feeds for special insights and featured stories.

  1. Encourage:

Real, honest change takes dedicated work, but it’s easier to reach the finish line together. Our Commit to U challenge is a great way to connect with others to encourage their progress, offer advice, and share products. Spread a positive message of wellness by promoting USANA as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Start Your Journey

This is your journey—craft it your way. And be sure to share. Even small wins can lead to big results, and your progress will inspire others along the way. Commit to a healthier you for the next 90 days and enjoy engaging with your USANA family as you improve your life one healthy habit at a time.