Clean Skin Confidence with 2-Step Cleansing

Get Fresher Skin with a 2-Step Cleanse

The Double Cleanse

Double cleansing, the newest trend in skincare, originates from Korean skin cleansing techniques for clearer skin. As opposed to the quick soap and water lather of our current nightly routines, double cleansing is quickly becoming a skincare essential. Our skincare regimen should involve a bit more thought than simply grabbing a product labeled “cleanser.” As the name suggests, double cleansing is a method to cleanse the skin twice. Pre-cleansing allows you to get more out of your follow-up products.

Get Fresher Skin with a 2-Step Cleanse Step 1

Step 1: Start with a Reliable Makeup Remover

We know what you’re thinking, “do I really need to pre-cleanse?” A clean base is arguably the most important part of skincare. Problem or acne-prone skin can dramatically benefit from an extra cleansing step. Leftover dirt, makeup, excess oil, and dead skin cells all lead to irritation and clogged pores.

Makeup remover works to break down these impurities and is especially helpful for combating oily skin. All skin types will respond well to a gentle makeup remover that also moisturizes and provides a good pre-cleanse.

Double cleansing may add a step to your current evening routine, but a product like Celavive® Conditioning Makeup Remover only takes a few quick swipes—simple and easy, no matter how tired you are at the end of your day.

If you wear a good amount of makeup, don’t be afraid to clean your skin with a cotton pad and makeup remover until residue is no longer visible on the pad. When surface grime is gone, you’re ready to move ahead to your deep cleanse.

Avoid products that are too harsh and strip away too much of your natural oil. Celavive Conditioning Makeup Remover leaves your skin clean, moisturized, and most importantly, primed for your cleanser to do the rest of the work—vanquishing any remaining dirt or impurities.

A complete skincare regimen is a great investment to boost overall skin health and see lasting skin results. To get the most out of your skincare products, it’s absolutely essential you prepare your skin to do a better job of absorbing the active ingredients.

Get Fresher Skin with a 2-Step Cleanse Step 2

Step Two: The Deep Cleanse

You’ve dislodged a day’s worth of dirt, oil, and makeup, now it’s time to get serious with your cleanser. Don’t skimp on this step. Take at least a minute to massage your cleanser, specific to your skin type, into your skin to allow each little pore equal opportunity to soak up the benefits of the beneficial ingredients. Think roughly of the time it takes to brush your teeth—apply this same consideration to your final cleansing step—at least one minute if you can.

This second round of cleansing works to penetrate and clean much deeper into your pores to remove any impurities that could damage or inflame your skin. It also removes dead skin to allow your hard-working, nutrient-rich serums and hydrating moisturizers to deeply penetrate your skin and work their magic.

Get Fresher Skin with a 2-Step Cleanse Clear Skin

What if I Don’t Wear Makeup?

Even if you haven’t buffed out a flawless face in the a.m., a deep, nightly cleanse is vital for healthy-looking skin. Airborne bacteria, pollution, sweat, and your daily sunscreen (you’re wearing sunscreen, right?) all contribute to the aging process, breakouts, inflammation, and other skin issues. So even if your fresh face is foundation free, we recommend you take the necessary cleansing steps to keep your filter-free skin looking gorgeous.

Leaving built-up grime, and pollution particles on your skin overnight doesn’t give your skin its best chance to regenerate for a clear, plump complexion. And a quick face wipe or splash just doesn’t do the job of dislodging the grime hiding in your pores. So, even if you aren’t covering your skin with makeup, a pre-cleanse to your cleanse stimulates a brighter complexion.

Get Fresher Skin with a 2-Step Cleanse Celavive

Embrace Skin Confidence with Your Daily Ritual

A self-care skincare routine goes beyond maintaining clear skin, preventing a dull complexion, and avoiding the visual effects of the sun. Each step helps you care for skin in a loving way. It’s about uncovering your natural beauty and nourishing the outer layers of your skin, much like you take care to eat healthy nutrients to help you glow from within. It’s not about getting perfect skin, it’s about gaining confidence to be yourself.

As you create intentional, self-care skincare habits, you may be surprised with how your skin responds. The health of your skin should come first, before your makeup. Take time to treat yourself by mastering the basics.

Each step in your skincare routine combines to create results over time to reveal the most vibrant version of your skin. Whether you show off bare skin or need a beautifully primed base for your flawless makeup, double cleanse to show up skin confident.

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