Renew Your Dedication with 2020 #fitspiration

With a countdown of 3…2…1…it begins.

Another new year. Another new beginning. And another opportunity to transform your life. Each day is a chance to thoughtfully hit reset and commit to healthy body, mind, career, and social goals. But as January begins, we all bask in the tradition to reflect and set New Year’s resolutions.

The new year brings a fresh mindset to recharge and reimagine your personal, health, and fitness goals. Improving strength, flexibility, and sweating it out not only builds confidence, it can improve your focus, bring balance to your life, and dramatically reduce stress levels. Whether your goal is to surpass your current personal best or to just get started, regular exercise can help you transform into a better you.

It always helps to look your best to feel your best—empower your new year with gear to help you succeed.

First, Cover the Basics

New Year #fitspirationAny new routine should start with a foundation of essential vitamins and nutrients. USANA CellSentials®, formulated with USANA InCelligence Technology®, brings active renewal on a cellular level. Core Minerals and Vita Antioxidants nourish, protect, and activate your cells’ natural ability to protect and renew themselves. There’s no better path to a healthier you than feeding your cells first—enliven your routine with the power of CellSentials.

New Year #fitspiration

RESET Your Mindset

You don’t need a new year to refresh your routine—but why not use the momentum of a new beginning to kick-start your commitment to daily nutrition? Our 5-Day RESET™ Weight-Loss Jumpstart Kit is a great way to revamp your eating habits. Each kit comes with your favorite USANA products to help you detox, digest, and enjoy nutritious meal-replacement shakes to give your body a break from seasonal indulgence.

New Year #fitspirationOutfit Your Goals Properly

Don’t wait for better-weather days to get a quick start on your fitness goals. Stylish gear is a great perk of tracking more laps, sets, or downward dogs toward your goal.

The Rainier Tight in Plush Supersonic from Athleta has your bases covered. With ultra-flattering high rise and second-skin comfort, pockets for your essential personal items, and reflective details, they’re a staple for both moderate and cold weather high-impact workouts and morning runs.

Foolproof Layering to Be Weather Ready

For jaunts to and from yoga class, layers for outdoor running, or to simply snuggle up in casual comfort, the Cozy Karma ¼ Zip sweater is for you. Unapologetically versatile and stylish, the funnel neck can be zipped to keep the chill out through the colder months. Grab and go—it’s perfect to pair with your favorite leggings for an effortless look as a layering piece or as a standalone stunner.

New Year #fitspirationKeep It Together

Our USANA logo Gray Old-School Duffle Bag is your stylish fitness companion. Keep your workouts interesting by changing out your gear and packing nutritious snacks, supplements, and ample hydration to keep you going. This compact duffle, equipped with pockets and compartments, frees you to sweat it out with ease.

New Year #fitspirationMake Hydrating Fun

A water bottle on hand during a sweaty workout is non-negotiable. This collapsible spiral travel bottle from que comes in any color you could dream up. Made from BPA-free silicone, its lightweight and compact design for easy transport also makes it beyond fun to use. The que bottle gives you something to look forward to, even if you’re dreading the tough session ahead.

New Year #fitspirationFinish Your Look Smart with Cloudlike Footwear

Your feet carry you through each day—don’t be distracted by discomfort. Support your on-the-go lifestyle with the UltraBoost19 Running Shoe by Adidas, high-performance footwear so comfortable you’ll forget you’re striking the concrete, treadmill, or gym floor.

Stride in style as you top off your workout aesthetic with these kicks sure to inspire your new fitness journey—2020 #fitspiration at its finest.

New Year #fitspirationCrush It with Innovative Technology

Have you ever wanted to bring Alexa to your workout? If you’re missing a workout buddy, add the Fitbit Versa 2™. Technology is a great way to supercharge your goals and get helpful data to make sure you’re trending in the right direction. This smartwatch can do anything you need it to, and likely many things you’ve never thought of. Track your progress, play your favorite booty bouncing tracks (don’t forget to refresh your playlist regularly), and add some items to your shopping list while you’re at it.

New Year #fitspirationLevel Up with Added Resistance

Bala Bangles give your workout that little something extra. If your at-home exercise routine doesn’t seem to provide the same challenge, or if you’re having a high-energy day, try these weighted bangles to add an invigorating punch to your push.

New Year #fitspirationDefine and Strengthen Your Routine

Integrating weightlifting into your exercise routine is arguably one of the fastest tracks to tone and shape your body. The Marcy Kettle Weight Set gives you the basics to start swinging your way to a fitter you. Perform endless exercises to experience enhanced strength, endurance, and good vibes with this sleek set of kettle bells.

New Year #fitspirationAll Geared Up with Nowhere to Go?

We know how important exercise is to a healthy lifestyle, but variety is key to stay motivated. A ClassPass membership opens you up to a world of possibilities. Break out with that boxing class you’ve been hesitant to try, or hit a spin class to see if your sweaty afterglow sparks inspiration. Find and stick to your favorites, or experience the endless rotation of classes offered with this buffet-style passport. The infinite benefits of exercise include better health, lower stress levels, and better sleep, among others.

Now you’re all geared up, dive into your new routine with a positive mindset. You’ve got this! What are your favorite tips for new year workout success? Include them in the comment section below.

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