What Do I Do with a Jade Roller?

A Beauty Trend That Promises A Lot

Raise your hand if you own a jade roller and aren’t really sure why.🙋‍♀️

Maybe it was a gift. In our click-to-buy culture, maybe you succumbed to the deluge of ads invading your feed, your inbox, even your own auto-generated ads and now wonder what to do with it. Or maybe you need a little nudge to join the fun. It doesn’t matter how it enters your life, the point is, this mystical tool is one loaded with promise—enhanced radiance, sharper features, clear, even skin.

It’s time to crack open the skincare toolbox and demystify this soothing, smooth, mineral-rich device.

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What is a Jade Roller?

This is a jade roller.

It’s part of a current beauty trend that ascends from the Chinese tradition of facial massage. This small device is meant to sculpt, smooth, relax, and tone. Among its skin-loving benefits, a stone facial massage promises to create more lustrous, beautiful skin.

Sometimes they’re green—jade has been used in Chinese skincare for thousands of years. Sometimes they’re pink. Sometimes they’re purple. At the core, facial rollers are made from a hard gemstone or crystal, fitted to a fixed pole, meant to roll freely as it massages the contours of your face and neck. It doesn’t matter so much whether you choose rose quartz, jade, or amethyst to perform this manual massage. However, beyond the aesthetic look of these stones, each is said to have unique healing and protective properties for the skin.

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The Benefits of a Jade Roller

While many believe the benefits of jade a roller are anecdotal, it may vitalize your regular self-care routine more than you think. The allure comes with little downside: low cost, no maintenance, takes almost no room to store, no need to replace, and it really does look attractive sitting alongside your skincare favorites (show us your Celavive shelfie!). Despite varied opinions about the proven benefits of jade rolling, adding a facial massage into your self-care ritual can only enhance your skincare experience.

Here’s our favorite skin- and wellness-boosting gains from this popular skincare ritual.

 Benefits of a Jade Roller #Shelfie

Skincare = Self-Care

The jade roller trend is one that marries skincare with self-care. It combines your favorite moisturizing product—try it with Celavive Vitalizing Serum for just the right amount of slip on the skin—with a nurturing facial massage that’s repeated for best results.

On clean skin, apply serum by rolling along the contours of your face. In general, you’ll roll from the center of your face, outward and upward. Starting at your neck helps to promote lymph drainage, as you work your way to your forehead.

That’s right, jade rolling can assist your lymphatic system to move fluid. Those of us who have woken up with a puffy face from sleeping, looking like we’ve been doing dreamy belly flops for the last 7–8 hours, can appreciate this. As you gently massage each facial contour, you roll out toxin build-up and excess fluid that can pool in your face and cause puffiness around eyes and other areas. Roll outward along your jaw and down the channel of your neck to help guide fluid away from your face.

Have you ever wondered about the hype surrounding cutting your cheekbones without a contour kit? Jade rolling can shift facial blockages and toxins, helping to depuff and tone the skin and address inflammation, to reveal sharper angles in your face.

Facial massage can also alleviate built-up tension from your day in overworked muscles. Jaw clenching, scowling, and squinting are just a few habits that cause tense muscles. You’ll be shocked at how well a jade roller works to release the muscles of your face, jaw, and neck. The cool, smooth, solid surface is perfectly fit to access muscle tissue, especially with a little added pressure in an upward motion.

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Get More from Your Products

Revealing your most radiant skin can be complicated. And searching for effective skincare products with anti-aging, super hydration, retexturing, or brightening properties can be tough. Luckily, once you find a product regimen that works for you, adding a jade roller works in harmony with your skincare routine and can only amplify your results.

Using a jade roller on top of your favorite, high-performance products not only gives the appropriate slip for the stone to glide on the skin, it also helps them to penetrate more effectively than they otherwise would. The gentle pressure from the smooth stone surface applies your product more efficiently to deliver more thorough results as it activates your skin.

It doesn’t stop there. After you’ve rubbed out your jawline, cut those cheekbones, and cleared away the sagging bags below your eyes, you may also notice a visible glow. Facial massage helps with circulation and blood flow beneath the skin for a natural, gorgeous, glowy effect. Other noted beauty benefits of facial massage include stimulating collagen and enhancing skin tone.

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All for You 

Is a jade roller a magical cure-all for breakouts, wrinkles, and uneven skin? Probably not. Regardless, the acclaimed wellness and beauty benefits of facial massage do have value.

Using a jade roller can help improve your glowing appearance, but, perhaps even more important, it makes you feel great. It takes you out of your mundane skincare routine—hurrying through your product application in thoughtless succession—by introducing a luxurious, conscious way to care for your skin, elevating something you do every day.

With all the touted benefits, the simple fact is, it’s satisfying—using a jade roller makes you calmer. It introduces ritual to your skincare on a new level. It makes you feel cared for. In this, perhaps the jade roller does bring a sense of magic. And the possible beauty-boosting benefits that could follow are a great bonus, too.

Performing daily facial massage engages you in a nurturing routine that may not only enhance your complexion, but creates a space just for you. Self-care is here to stay. And jade rolling can take yours to the next level. Tell us, do you enjoy using a jade roller in your skincare routine?

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