A message from our CEO, Kevin Guest

We Stand for Equality

To Our USANA Family,

My heart is breaking for our nation, particularly for those individuals and their families who regularly face racial injustice, violence, and discrimination. Unfortunately, racism is not just part of U.S. history—it is a current reality for many Black Americans and other people of color in the United States and around the world.

That reality cuts deep, and it creates understandable fear, pain, and anger. And that reality, and its effects, are in direct opposition to everything the USANA Family stands for. Hatred has no place in a community dedicated to improving lives.

I acknowledge that I cannot fully understand what facing daily prejudice must feel like. For that reason, I have taken the opportunity to listen and learn the past week and, most importantly, reflect on what I can do to help.

Two of USANA’s core values are Community and Health. We have focused on helping underserved communities around the world to gain access to nutritious and sustainable sources of food as a way to represent those values, and we will continue those efforts.

But in the wake of the horrific and senseless killing of George Floyd, and the subsequent demonstrations and conversations held across the world, we recognize three truths:

  • This is the most recent example of an ongoing, systemic problem in our society, and we all have a responsibility to do our part to end injustice and intolerance.
  • Feeling safe is essential to an individual’s health and well-being, yet people of color in our communities have not been afforded this basic right that so many of us take for granted.
  • We can and will do more as a company.

Taking Action

Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel said, “Action is the only remedy to indifference, the most insidious danger of all.” Words are important—and your words these past two weeks have had a personal impact on me and many others. The actions we take speak even louder.

To do our part, USANA is committed to the following actions:

  • Volunteering. We have set a goal to provide 1,000 employee volunteer hours this year to support organizations that strive for equality. We’ll work with USANA employees to identify non-profit and business partners who will help us have the greatest impact. Stay tuned for details.
  • Training. Internally, USANA is committed to providing additional training and encouraging open discussions about overt racism as well as implicit bias, so that we can ensure a workplace where all employees can succeed and be respected. We also plan to implement a diversity and inclusion committee to help identify areas of concern and strength, and to ensure employees have a strong voice in implementing these initiatives.
  • Informing. We will provide educational resources to employees and Associates about what actions they can take to combat racism and discrimination at the individual, family, and societal level.
  • Representing. We will evolve our brand to better represent and tell the stories of our diverse community.

We appreciate all who have reached out to urge us to do more, and we’re grateful for many who have taken steps to speak out, provide support, educate themselves, and try to better understand each other.

Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us that faith requires not seeing the whole staircase, but simply taking the first step. For many of us, this might be a first step in furthering the cause of racial equality in our communities. More steps will follow. USANA is committed to doing its part, and I hope you will join us.

Kevin Guest
Chairman and CEO

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  1. Virginia Rdz De La Garza
    Virginia Rdz De La Garza says:

    I’m glad to see USANA speaking out against racism! It’s a step in the right direction.
    To be honest I rarely post on social media, or follow social media posts.
    4 years ago I saw a post, on the social media page, of a person high up in USANA leadership. They’re an independent distributor, but they carry a lot of weight in USANA. And what I saw on this person’s personal page, made me never want to be on Social Media ever again! I would never leave USANA, because of one person or many people’s posts. But it was a racist post & it made me feel very hurt that anyone in USANA, especially a leader, would feel this way about others.
    As a Mexican-American woman, I have had to deal with prejudice, my entire life. But I never thought I would see that in USANA, which I have always seen as very inclusive company.
    My favorite part of convention is seeing people from All Countries united in a mission towards better health. As a USANA Associate for 15 years, I firmly believe in USANA’s mission. My children have grown up using the products & they have changed our lives.
    But I sincerely hope that moving forward, USANA, & especially it’s Independent Associate Leaders will embrace that we live in a diverse world, of differing opinions. And that these leaders will be open to accepting people from all cultures & all backgrounds to be part of the USANA family.
    Recently I went on this person’s Social Media page, just to see if their opinions had changed.
    Unfortunately, they have not.
    But I pray for them & I pray that they will value all life & be open to a diverse world, where We All Matter!

    “At the heart of racism is the religious assertion that God made a creative mistake when He brought some people into being “
    Friedrich Otto Hertz

  2. Diane Ross
    Diane Ross says:

    I love all Usana stands for! Very proud to be a part of Usana and it’s integrity! Thank You Dr. Wentz for founding such an awesome company! Thank you Kevin Guest for all your hard work to keep the integrity high!!!


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