Jennifer Lee’s Morning to Night Skincare Tips

Contributing Author: DR. JENNIFER LEE

Hi everyone,

Although I’ve missed seeing my USANA family at the Asia Pacific and Americas and Europe Conventions this year, it’s exciting to be part of our new Celavive Brightening series launch! I’m ecstatic about these skincare products because so many of us, including myself, struggle with visible complexion issues and unwanted pigmentation.

Since I was young, I’ve loved being outdoors and playing in the sun. And honestly, I was crazy about a golden tan. When my cousins from Taiwan joined my family on beach vacations, they sat under the umbrella and repeatedly applied sunblock to protect their skin while I frolicked in the sun and tanned (sometimes even burned) mine. Definitely NOT good habits for a future dermatologist!

Fast forward to my adult self. When I hit my mid-20s, my careless days in the sun started to show. I developed big freckles on my face and visible patches of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks.

I know I’m not the only one who has eagerly anticipated the new USANA Celavive Brightening series. Ever since Celavive skincare originally launched, many of you have shared a longing for products to help improve the look of unwanted discoloration.

I have personally made Celavive Brightening products part of my skincare regimen, and I’ve loved the results. My daily skin routine goes like this:


  • Exfoliating Scrub + Mask: I use this in the morning. I know many people like using this product in the evening, but I love the feeling of fresh, clean skin as I get ready for the day.
  • Perfecting Toner: I absolutely cannot start my skincare routine without this refreshing boost for my skin (I use it both morning and night).
  • Dark Spot Corrector: I apply this to my cheeks and the middle of my forehead (where the look of my hyperpigmentation is the worst). It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly.
  • Luminous Moisture Cream: I cover my entire face and neck and love how silky this cream feels. I give it a few minutes to soak in (while I brush my teeth, get dressed, etc.) In the summer, I swap this out for Light Complexion Serum, because its lighter and more sheer for the seasonal humidity. They both contain niacinamide, an ingredient used to help smooth the look of your skin and improve pore appearance.
  • Tinted Moisturizer (Laura Mercier) or Celavive Protective Day Lotion mixed with foundation.

My morning routine takes less than 10 minutes, which is perfect because I usually press snooze on my alarm clock, leaving me less time to get ready and out the door for my busy day.


  • Creamy Foaming Cleanser: I love washing my face with this cleanser. But if I’m wearing more makeup, I prefer an oil-based product. I use plain old Vaseline jelly with a Q-tip to remove my eye makeup.
  • Perfecting Toner: I already mentioned I use this twice a day, EVERY SINGLE DAY! I sprinkle this amazing toner generously on cotton balls and wipe my skin to remove any residual makeup. I also pat a few drops on my face.
  • I use a Retinol product every other night because it causes too much peeling for me if I use it more often.
  • Dark Spot Corrector: I use the easy applicator to target to my upper lip, as well as my cheeks and forehead.
  • Vitalizing Serum: This final step leaves my skin glowing. In the winter, I also add Replenishing Night Gel for extra moisturizing.

Give these Celavive Brightening products a try. I’m confident you’ll fall in love with this new skincare series from USANA as much as I have!

Dr. Jennifer Lee, MD Author

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