Fabien Ghys Gets the Work Done| USANA Foundation Ambassador Spotlight

Fabian Ghys World Service Week USANA Associate

When it comes to taking on hard work, there are few better examples than Fabien Ghys.

Fabien has lived all over Europe and Asia and speaks a handful of languages to prove it. Raised in France, he yearned to travel the globe and made his dream a reality. And after nearly two decades of moving between countries, he’s planted his roots in Singapore with his family.

The USANA Foundation met Fabien after he joined some of our volunteers on a service trip to Cambodia. Though a newcomer to USANA, Fabien quickly became known as someone who was not afraid to get his hands dirty. In the short week he served with us, he jumped in rivers to play with local children and built multiple structures to help provide food. We at the USANA Foundation have been fortunate to work with Fabien ever since.

Over the past few years, Fabien has become a strong business leader and valuable mentor to Associates and volunteers across Singapore and Europe. Despite his success and busy schedule, he always makes time to serve others.

During a recent interview with him, we learned more about his journey of serving and his involvement in community projects. Despite growing up in a home where community service was not a priority, Fabien was interested in helping others from a young age. As a teenager, he  served and befriended many homeless people he met while traveling across Europe. With few mentors to show him the way, he simply jumped in and began working at local shelters and making donations to groups in need. This attitude and desire followed him after he decided to move to Thailand and travel around Asia.

When asked why he pushes himself and others to serve, Fabien said, “I want to feel useful. I believe anyone can accomplish their goals, no matter the circumstances. And I’ve always thought that if I could get people involved in service, I could help make an even bigger difference. Working with others is crucial because it unites us in working toward something bigger and more important.”

This attitude has helped Fabien achieve success in his business and entrepreneurial efforts. But he insists that service and business should be approached separately, saying, “Service is about helping people, not about self-promotion.”

While many ask for ideas and help to serve, Fabien is planning his own projects and working to make them happen. Two years ago, he and a team of friends organized a week-long service trip in Indonesia where they fed hundreds of children and made connections with multiple on-the-ground organizations—connections that remain strong to this day.

When pandemic lockdowns and travel restrictions began in 2020, he found ways to work with local Singapore charities to help feed those in need. Having recently collaborated with “A Packet of Rice”—a local charity in Singapore—Fabien worked with over 30 friends and family members to provide food for 250 people in need.

Incredible volunteers like Fabien keep us excited and inspired here at the USANA Foundation. Our work and impact around the world would not be possible without the frontline efforts of friends, volunteers, and ambassadors. When asked what advice he had for others wishing to make a difference in the world, Fabien told us, “If you don’t know what to do, just start. If you want something bad enough, you will find a solution.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Help us help the world. Please donate to the USANA Foundation today, or become a volunteer.

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