Celebrate World Environment Day with Us

In 1968, William Anders—an astronaut on the Apollo 8 mission—laid eyes on a truly magnificent sight. As the ship and crew orbited the moon, they saw the Earth climbing over the lunar horizon. Anders scrambled for his camera and hastily took a historic photo—Earthrise; a photo described by many as “the most influential environmental photograph ever taken.”


This new view of Earth changed the way we think about our place in the universe. In a single frame, we saw the entirety of our blue planet surrounded by infinite space. It showed just how big, small, and special our world really is.

Anders said it perfectly: “We set out to explore the moon and instead discovered the Earth.”

Only One Earth – World Environment Day

The theme for World Environment Day 2022 is “Only One Earth.” Among billions of planets in billions of galaxies in the universe, there is only one Earth. It’s our only home, and it benefits us all to take care of it.

The United Nations founded World Environment Day (June 5) in 1974. Each year since then, a different country has been chosen to host the event. Sweden—the first country in the world to pass an environmental protection act in 1967—will host World Environment Day this year.

In the past, Sweden has made huge strides toward transformative societal changes for living sustainably. And now, thousands of individuals are rallying around this year’s theme to create positive change for the world environment. They’re cleaning their local communities, riding bikes to work or school, buying fewer single-use plastics, donating to environmental groups, and sharing more ways to care for our planet.

To learn more about World Environment Day and how you can participate, click here.

Garden Tower Gardening for Health

Celebrate Sustainability with Us

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day closely aligns with USANA’s vision of a sustainable future:

USANA believes in a brighter future. We dream of a world free from pain and suffering, and we want to improve the lives of others for generations to come. Our endless drive to advance the science of nutrition is motivated by a desire to create meaningful connections with our customers and communities.

So we encourage members of the USANA family to find their own way to celebrate World Environment Day even beyond June 5.

To learn more about how we are already acting on our vision of sustainability, read our 2021 Sustainability Report.

USANA Garden Tower Seed of Hope

Plant Seeds of Hope

One way you can celebrate World Environment Day is to support the USANA Foundation’s Garden Tower initiative. This movement to end malnutrition through sustainable gardening grows perfectly under our values of people and planet.

While solving immediate food shortage issues is important to us, we also look to the future and try to tackle these obstacles before they arise. It’s why we put so much effort into sustainable, long-term programs to help communities benefit from food security for years to come. Establishing these sustainable garden systems within a community provides many environmental and social benefits as well.

The easiest way to help is to donate—a simple gift of $20 provides a complete Garden Tower to a family in need, including the tower mesh, soil, and seeds.

Or you can join our Garden Tower Community Adoption Program and work to establish this initiative in your own community.

Upcycle USANA bottles planters

Recycling and Other Earth-Saving Activities

To show support for World Environment Day, many people are making personal sustainability goals, such as shopping more consciously or making greater efforts to recycle.

USANA’s products are smartly designed, packaged, and sealed—and they’re recyclable, too. When it comes to recycling, little changes can make a big difference. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting a recycling program in your area, here are a few great tips to recycle USANA products and nearly anything else.

Here are more simple activities you can do to celebrate World Environment Day:

  • Create recycled art
  • Investigate local environmental issues
  • Replace traditional light bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs
  • Learn about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Pick up litter while walking around the neighborhood
  • Shop at a thrift store
  • Purchase reusable grocery bags and water bottles
  • Plant a tree
  • Get outdoors and enjoy nature
  • Carpool or ride a bike to work or school

Help Us Care for Our Earth

Just as the Apollo 8 crew discovered Earth in a new way during their lunar voyage, you can discover a new appreciation for our home, too.

However you decide to celebrate World Environment Day, we hope it helps you, your friends, and your family come together to enjoy and protect all our beautiful blue planet has to offer.

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