Celebrate Our 30th Anniversary with 30 Hopeful Highlights

Since 2020, the USANA Foundation has been sewing mesh bags and filling them with dirt and seeds, all so families and communities can harvest fresh, nutritious food. Over the past years—and thanks to the efforts of so many volunteers—their Garden Tower initiative has grown like fruit on the vine. They’ve built 3,477 of these life-changing garden systems across the world!

As USANA celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year, we’re sharing 30 highlights and inspiring moments from the USANA Foundation’s Garden Tower initiative. From videos to blogposts to social media—both from us and you—let’s celebrate all the hope we’ve planted around the globe.

Social Media

  1. Volunteers get their hands dirty for World Service Week.
  2. More World Service Week project highlights.
  3. Even more World Service Week family projects.
  4. USANA New Zealand establishes Garden Towers in support of Auckland City Mission.
  5. 100 Humanitarians building Garden Towers in Kenya.
  6. Building a Garden Tower for the family—lots of soil required!
  7. Listen to the sounds of service! Building Garden Towers in Mexico. 
  8. Message from Brian Paul: Garden Towers are our thing.
  9. Happy Earth Day! Halfway to our goal of 30,000 Garden Towers for our 30th Anniversary.
  10. Building Garden Towers and smiling in Malaysia.
  11. Celebrating our Garden Tower Initiative for National Nonprofit Day!
  12. How will you make a change for good this weekend?
  13. Operation Underground Railroad working with us to plant seeds of hope. 
  14. Turning USANA bottles into cute, mini Garden Towers. Fun craft idea for the little ones!
  15. Planting Garden Towers at Firehouse Community Farm.
  16. Growing Garden Towers in Utah.
  17. Teaching girls to build Garden Towers and grow nutritious food.
  18. 5k walkathon and donations in Canada to help plant Garden Towers.
  19. 100 more Garden Towers planted in Indonesia.


20. Care for Your Community | The Benefits of Garden Towers

21. How to Build a Garden Tower

22. Growing Garden Towers in Indonesia

23. How Garden Towers Empower Individuals

24. Garden Tools: Essentials and Extras

25. Five Health Benefits of Gardening


26. Garden Tower Initiative Intro

27. How to Build a Garden Tower: Demonstration

28. Launching Garden Towers in the Philippines

29. Launching Garden Towers in Malaysia

30. Garden Towers | A Sustainable Solution

Help Continue Planting Seeds of Hope

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing just how much USANA’s Garden Tower initiative has grown. Whenever or wherever you serve, share your photos and stories with us or your market leaders as you spread hope in your communities.

And don’t forget—last year we set an ambitious goal to fund 30,000 new Garden Towers to celebrate USANA’s 30th Anniversary. We knew it would be challenging, but we’ve come together and made a world of difference for families and communities in need.

That’s right, we’re on course to reach our goal! We just need one last push from the USANA family.

Donate today—a simple gift of $20 provides a complete Garden Tower to a family in need, including the tower mesh, soil, and seeds.

Help us end malnutrition for good!

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