Sustainability Spotlight: Mindful Swaps for a More Sustainable Life

Flora Wilkerson Sustainability Spotlight

Editor’s Note: This is part of a new series highlighting how USANA employees live sustainably. This story was written by Flora Wilkerson.

Imagine you put everything you’ve ever owned into a single pile. I don’t know about you, but I already have a ridiculously large pile. Although I’d like to think my epic Beanie Baby collection found a good home, I know it’s unlikely. We throw items away believing they’re gone forever when they’re probably just taking up space somewhere else.

Producing less waste is what drives my sustainable choices. And while I’m no expert, I believe small changes can make a big impact. So here are some of my favorite swaps and tips to inspire a sustainable switch in your life!

Flora Wilkerson Sustainability Spotlight

Washable > Disposable

My husband will tell you I do it for the turtles, but it’s for all of us (and the turtles, too). Here’s five ways I strive for multi-use:

  1. I broke up with plastic straws in 2016. If I don’t have my trusty reusable straw on me, I opt for no straw. Simple as that.
  2. I love reusing a container! I’ve even been known to let potential upcycling influence my purchase decisions.
  3. Despite his regal demeanor, my 12-year-old Doberman has lost some bladder control. Opting for washable diapers saves money and, other than the slight offense to his dignity, he doesn’t really seem to mind.
  4. I’m a loyal Celavive user, and washable makeup removers have been the best complement to my skincare routine to replace those single-use cotton rounds and wipes.

  1. If you’re a fellow fan of Starbucks, did you know bringing in a reusable cup for your favorite beverage will give you a 10-cent discount and reward you with 25 bonus stars? Win-win-win.

Flora Wilkerson Sustainability Spotlight

Hip Hip Hooray for Bidets!

When I first considered buying a bidet, I worried the water wasting would negate any toilet paper tree saving, but did you know bidets are considered eco-friendly because they save water? A lot of it. Making paper is incredibly water intensive—it takes 37 gallons of water to create a single roll of toilet paper, while bidets use about an eighth of a gallon per use. My only regret concerning bidets: I wish I’d upgraded our toilets before the TP crisis of 2020.

Locally Grown

I love local farmer’s markets. I look forward to the freshness, the variety, and the sunshine. They’ve even inspired me to start small-scale gardening at home. When produce is so accessible, it’s easy to forget just how much time and care go into a single tomato or bunch of cilantro. If it’s something you want to try, I suggest starting with a small herb garden. It’s still a new hobby for me, but who knows—maybe next season I’ll start my own home garden tower.

This One’s For the Girls

Did you know Aunt Flo can be eco? A few years ago I made the switch to a menstrual cup, and I never looked back. I’m not one to tout a product as life-changing, but this one might be an exception. Try it out and you’ll save more than the planet: the average lifetime cost of your monthly cycle is estimated to be up to $10,000. 😳

Get Social

I know, I know…tell me you work in social media without telling me you work in social media, but you’ve probably heard it more times than you can count: “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” We are influenced by those around us every day, and this includes the ones we engage with on social media. If you want to start making more sustainable choices, follow accounts that inspire those choices. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Flora Wilkerson Sustainability Spotlight

Ironically, I remember thinking I had to buy all these fancy eco products to start living more sustainably when it really comes down to using what you already have and trying something different. Recognize how you can change, no matter how big or small the perceived impact. And maybe next time you need fresh basil for your homemade Pizza Margherita, you’ll opt for the whole plant instead of cut stems in single-use packaging. Just make sure you invite me over because I also really like pizza.

Learn more about USANA’s sustainable efforts, goals, and accomplishments here.

Flora Wilkerson Social MediaABOUT THE CONTRIBUTOR

Flora Wilkerson Social Media Design Manager

Flora is a passionate creative and designer who took to social media marketing naturally. Being a part of USANA’s corporate social media team for over three years, Flora thrives on building lasting relationships through digital media. Lover of dogs, video games, and breakfast for dinner, Flora never turns down a cup of coffee and is always the first on the dance floor.

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