Ask USANA’s CEO: What’s Your Biggest Fear?

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Q: I’m just wondering what was your biggest fear and how did you push out of your comfort zone? —Cheryl Valach

A: Thank you for your question, Cheryl. I have to say that my biggest fear was, and can even still be at times, public speaking. I know this sounds odd coming from a CEO who spends a large majority of his time speaking to large groups of people — just think about International Convention and how many people were there — but I have never been comfortable talking in front of people. I go skydiving, I jump from helicopters when I go skiing, I participate in a bunch of extreme sports, and yet it’s speaking in front of crowds that strikes fear in my heart.

We even have a clip of me at one of USANA’s first Conventions where my father brought me up on stage to introduce me, and I was off the stage in less than three seconds. That’s how uncomfortable I was. I’ve even gone to extreme measures to help overcome my fear. I’ve had energy work, taken anxiety medication, went to a therapist, run prior to speaking to build up my endorphins. Believe me, I’ve tried absolutely everything.

With most things, the first time is the worst — doing something new can be very scary. The way I overcame this great fear is that I told people I was going to speak at a specific event and committed to it. This public statement created the accountability I needed to do everything to prepare. Going forward, the one thing that continues to help me the most is practice. I just keep getting up there and doing the best I can, and I’ve found that the more I speak, the more I practice, and the more I learn from my mistakes, the better I become.

I like to think that one of the great things about USANA is that we help people confront their fears and grow both personally and professionally, which is a huge benefit of doing the business. It’s all about breaking through your own limitations and doing what you never thought you could.

So my advice to you is to make a commitment, tell the world and go for it. The more you put yourself out there, the more you will grow, and the greater the legacy you will leave to your loved ones!

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19 replies
  1. Hongsan
    Hongsan says:

    Which Usana products in Malaysia & Singapore is vegetarian safe? I honestly wish the Usana Management could consider to specify clearly which product is vegetarian safe and at least mention in the product list for each country.
    As of today, most of the Major Organisations around the world had urged everyone to bear the responsibilities on saving our Earth and keep green! So, when the Usana’s products especially the BIOmega III Plus, CoQuinone as well as those products contains “Gelatine” or any others animal ingredients will be converted to Vegetarian Safe?

  2. Elaine MacDonald
    Elaine MacDonald says:

    I’m going to tweak-up Emmanuel’s question: What are three traits of Highly Successful People that you’d love to see developed & demonstrated by USANA Associates?

  3. Ekayani Chamberlin
    Ekayani Chamberlin says:

    Dave Wentz – I love that video of you when you got off the stage in 3 seconds! I talk about it all the time and use it as an example of how we can grow in this endeavor! The first time I saw it it just blew me away as the only CEO I had known was the confident and funny Dave Wentz as he stands before us today. Walking the walk and talking the talk! Thank you!

  4. Tessy Imarenezor
    Tessy Imarenezor says:

    Dave Wentz- I love Usana Products and have been a Usana Associate for almost 11years now. I am originaly from Nigeria. I have some questions for you: I have not been successful in conveying/convincing my African indegenes or Black Americans that Usana products are for all “Ethnic Groups? Majority of them would ask me, ” If that is the case, why are there not good count of “BLACK” people in pages of Usana Magazines, e.g, Million $ Club, Top 25 Diamond and Gold Club, Head and Freedom News papers, and even some products’ cover. In addition to that, no single Black Doctors on Usana Scientists.
    Why are Usana Products not sold in Africa. As a Nigerian, I blelieve now that there is a quest for health awareness and good market for it. However, I acknowlege and thank Usana in partnering with Children’s Hunger Fun for the good health and aid to needy children and families in some part of African’s poorest region. How about “Usana Health and Wealth” for Africa? Your feed back will be appreciated. Thank

      • Nuno Romao
        Nuno Romao says:

        Hi Sarah, just wanted to know if you had any update on how someone can get USANA products in South Africa? Can you put me in touch with someone?

        • Sarah Flinn
          Sarah Flinn says:

          Hi Nuno,

          Unfortunately, nothing has changed yet in regards to South Africa, and we don’t currently have an active timetable for opening in that market. We will be sure to update you as soon as anything changes.

          Have a nice weekend,


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