One Year Later, Is Your Home Still Healthy?


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  1. Paiboon Sari
    Paiboon Sari says:

    I just become a new member in Phuket, Thailand.
    We do need Healthy in our whole family.
    Usana products is make us getting better….
    thanks to Usana.

    VDO is reall good.

  2. Ellen Taylor
    Ellen Taylor says:

    My USANA Team will be having a Health & Freedom day on the 19th of May and guess who is talking to the group about “The Healthly Home”……..ME! I have been reading over and over the book and have put everything in play at my home a couple years ago when I started on USANA supplements. I was also in NY for the Health & Freedom with Dr. OZ and can’t wait for Convention for the 1st time !!!!!! I plan to spread the word to all those
    I meet…..”Open a window and BREATH”! 🙂

    Thanks for everything you do to improve our lives!

    Ellen Taylor
    USANA Associate


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