Leadership Principles Helpful at USANA, Home

Hello, everyone. I hope you are enjoying John Maxwell’s book on Leadership. I’m about half way through it. There are so many principles I am learning that will help me at USANA as well as at home. Please join me on the True Knowledge Book Club forum. That’s where I will be posting my thoughts about Developing the Leader Within You, and I hope you will do the same. I’ve just posted my thoughts on the first two chapters. Please join me in this opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

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  1. Micheal Boland
    Micheal Boland says:

    Just started to take Usana and this is one of the best supplements I have ever taken. Working with Romeo Tajanlangit jr. to get my own BC started. It’s becoming a way of life for my wife and I.

  2. Dora Zdanis
    Dora Zdanis says:

    I’ve been asked by many USANA associates about the next book to purchase for the book club. Associates want to be prepared so when the book is announced, they are ready. Thanks!

  3. Rosie Bank
    Rosie Bank says:

    I am a huge fan of John Maxwell. His work is behind me each time I take a bold and decisive move with my team. I commend USANA for encouraging us all to read books like this.


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