Giveaway Winners: Texts with Gen Y = Short, Simple

Congratulations to Alison Grimston, Derek Lee, Paul Rohatensky, Anthony Tafalla and Lora Ulrich, winners of the My Reality Check Bounced giveaway. They were randomly chosen from a pool of 122 entries by more than 30 different people (each person could enter up to five times).

While some of the winners won for other reasons, we thought we’d share some of their comments about communicating with Gen Y below. Thanks to everyone who participated. Make sure to check back soon for yet another great giveaway.

Alison Grimston: I’m a GenX/Bomer mongrel I think, with a definite TechAffinity – I just love Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, PInterest (love your colourful PInterest site USANA!). I text with alacrity, blog with less frequency than I would like, enjoy the power of Facebook Notes, and have now started using video messaging for my Ezine, FB fanpage & for following up with people to remind them who I am. We are in a brave new world & I LOVE it (OK, so I DO spend too much time on Facebook…). Sometimes I’m texting & I realise that the message would have been sent faster by dialing & speaking!

Derek Lee: Biggest thing I’ve learned in dealing with Gen Y is to stop trying to call them!! You better learn to txt as that’s their preferred communication.

Paul Rohatensky: A simple, but important lesson I picked up from Jason Ryan Dorsey at the 2011 International Convention was to keep text communication simple, to-the-point, and if possible, say it all in the subject line!

Lora Ulrich: I am Gen X. I communicate via text, email & phone with almost everyone. I notice that I text way more with gen y folks though.

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  1. michelle merriwether
    michelle merriwether says:

    Outstanding comments. Very insightful and authentic!!! I’m so happy all participated!!! Thanks!!!!


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