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Want to continue building upon the principles from John C. Maxwell’s Developing the Leader Within You? Join the conversation on the True Knowledge Book Club forum and you could win a hardcover copy of Maxwell’s The 5 Levels of Leadership. All you need to do is leave a comment pertaining to this month’s book — Developing the Leader Within You — between now and Monday, March 5, 2012, on the True Knowledge Book Club forum and you’re entered. Five lucky commenters will be chosen. Giveaway winners will be announced on Wednesday, March 7, 2012.

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  1. Greg Guyatt
    Greg Guyatt says:

    John C. Maxwell is one of the most powerful writers on leadership. He’s the reason why I continue to grow and build in my life. So grateful that he’s coming to the Convention later this year!

  2. Faith West
    Faith West says:

    “Leadership finds it source in understanding.” John Maxwell expands on this by saying that we gain understanding by listening to gain insight into the human heart. When we make that connection that will help us to take a person where they would never dream of going by themselves. He also says, “Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand.” Listening is the key to all this. This is a practice that I strive to live into because it works beautifully.

  3. Rosie Bank
    Rosie Bank says:

    I will gladly weigh in again on Maxwell’s books. As recently as this last weekend I used a strategy I learned in his book. “Effective leaders are always on the lookout for good people.” This week I disassociated from a prospect who I realized would be nothing but bad news. Not only for me, but for the team. This level of consciousness is pervasive now in all of my activities. Thanks to Maxwell’s books (I have read them all and recommend them heartily) I am bolder and more willing to raise the bar for others. I get his message loud and clear. LEADERS RAISE UP OTHERS. However, that does not mean that I have to scoop down into a rut to try to lift people who do not want to lift themselves. Thanks for the chance to share.

  4. Edith Shaw
    Edith Shaw says:

    Thank you for starting this book club. It forced me to commit and read a book I may not have picked up until much later in my USANA career. It inspired me to re-focus on my business and my personal development. Implementation of these principles has begun – starting with Pareto Principle; the 20/80 rule. ( Which sounds a bit odd – given that when I speak to my RESET clients, I talk about the 80/20 rule.) I am re-prioritizing my efforts, and working on the top 20% of these priorities. I had a few a-ha moments while reading this book and will challenge myself to be better, do better and move my business forward using these principles.

  5. Belen Varas
    Belen Varas says:

    I’ve had the honor of reading several of John C. Maxwell’s books and somehow, someway I learn something new every time. He’s an extraordinary writer and leader. I’m looking forward to meeting him at the convention in August. Thank you John for being the leader you are!

  6. Eileen Peterson
    Eileen Peterson says:

    A really inspirational portion of this book is Chapter 8, The Indispensable Quality of Leadership Vision. Re-visiting the basics in USANA is Sharing the Vision of Dr. Wentz. Stepping into the “Vision” and assimilating it changes and upgrades everything about me. Fear drops off, confidence rises, skills surface and are enhanced. The Leader emerges and people recognize it.
    I love Maxwell’s well-conceived, easy-to-read, loving book which should be close at hand for daily reminders!

  7. Judy Moore
    Judy Moore says:

    I love this book. The steps are so simple and straight forward.
    I borrowed it from my local library and immediately wanted to write in it.
    Now there is one up for winning. Yeah!

    This is a book that I think can be used in all areas of life not just MLM.

    Thank you Kevin for starting this club. I saw you at the Founders luncheon w/Dr. Oz and Dr. Wentz. I was too chicken and overwhelmed to say hello.
    So, Hello!

    Judy Moore

  8. Carissa Hills
    Carissa Hills says:

    Great visions begin as an “inside job”. As leaders we cast our vision and motivate others. If you want to manage someone, manage yourself. Do that well and you will be ready to stop managing and start leading! This is an excellent book to analyze the leader within us all.
    John C. Maxwell has mastered the art to leadership.

  9. Roderick Sayce
    Roderick Sayce says:

    I have just picked up the book, prompted by the post that was delivered by RSS feed. I have not got very far through it but have been struck by a couple of things already – firstly, your ability to lead to some extent depends on seeing other people model leadership. Is this why the Annual Convention is so powerful? You are exposed to leaders in a big way …
    Secondly, most leadership books deal with management. How true this is. In business, one is expected to be a “leader” but much of the training is actually management training.
    Definitely makes reading the rest of the book an exciting goal to be completed in the next couple of weeks – now that I have eventually started.

  10. Robert Williams
    Robert Williams says:

    The great thing about Maxwell’s books is finding something new that stands out when you go back to it.

  11. Reg Schiefer
    Reg Schiefer says:

    Beginning with the end in mind, our vision & discipline must go hand in hand. JohnMaxwell shows how good leadership begins with working to motivate ourselves from the inside, first.

  12. Mark Holme
    Mark Holme says:

    So far my favorite quotes are “A leader is great, not because of his or her power, but because of his or her ability to empower others.” and “You win people’s hearts by helping them grow personally.”

    I’ve worked at several modern tech companies and seen different styles of leadership. The companies that were strongest were those which had leaders empowering and inspiring others to be their best. Others whose leadership ruled with an iron fist are now bought out or bankrupt.

    I believe this is one reason for USANA’s growth in the network marketing industry – with the binary plan, we’re encouraged to inspire and empower our team, and we gain when they do. Our leading business associates help the new people, even crossline meaning they don’t see immediate commission – but they’re remembered for their goodwill, and it’s because they understand that if they help everyone stay on the same path, we all win.

  13. Melissa Goodwin
    Melissa Goodwin says:

    Leadership is such an important topic for all of us to study!! It helps in business and personal development! Great author for the subject!

  14. Robert
    Robert says:

    I have read several of the Maxwell books and are currently using the bible as a study guide. John Maxwell is a great author.

  15. Michael Soriano
    Michael Soriano says:

    For years I have been reading, enjoying and sharing Mr. Maxwell’s books on leadership and teams. ‘Five Levels’ is a beautiful extension of his demonstrable understanding of the dynamic between leadership and its characteristics.

    I regularly implement his materials and share his knowledge in all settings: my family, ministry, my USANA business, and my 9-to-5 career. Whenever I share insights from this book, managers and community leaders alike searching for self-and team-development incorporate those gems of wisdom to their lives and mentoring curricula.

  16. tiffany miranda
    tiffany miranda says:

    Continual learning and growing as a person is a must. Having the right guidance is even better. That is why John C Maxwell is a great author! His books teaching you how to be a good team player and a strong leader. 🙂

  17. Jen Anderson
    Jen Anderson says:

    One of the things that I have learned is the importance of continual improvement… especially in the context of personal development. I have been taught that “Leaders are readers”. This past year, I have been challenged to read a minimum of 30 minutes a day, of something of a high caliber. Maxwell’s books are on my list! I am so excited to be able to learn from him at International Convention this year. For me, developing the leader within me is an inside-out job: clarifying the vision, then making the firm decision and taking the steps toward its attainment. Thanks for this opportunity, USANA!

  18. Annette Rossi
    Annette Rossi says:

    I have followed and read John Maxwell’s books on leadership and to be totally honest it’s like having a Mentor in a book ready to take off the book shelf whenever an issue arrises and have him sort it out in no time. Thank you USANA for this wonderful opportunity to allow everyone to participate and be exposed to John C Maxwells books.


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