Dealing With Stress? Dr. Oz Has Some Tips

The time has come to introduce you to the next True Knowledge Book Club selection. And who better to help kick things off than the author himself. Check out the video below and join the conversation.


If you haven’t finished February’s book, John C. Maxwell’s Developing the Leader Within You, don’t worry. Kevin will continue to share his thoughts for the next little while, and the discussion forum will remain open for as long as people want to keep commenting.

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  1. Ani Black
    Ani Black says:

    This is also called a yoga breath. Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply into your belly through your NOSE to the count of 8 – then – HOLD your breath to the count of 4 at the end of your inhale and then SLOWLY exhale to the count of 8 out through your MOUTH making an audible sighing sound. Your first breaths will be shallow. They will deepen and lengthen as you RELAX. Take 3 – 5 or more of these healing breaths and stress completely melts away. Better than a nap! You oxygenate your body. It’s great for seniors who do not do exercise. It’s an exceptional activity for anyone who needs a moment’s peace – anywhere, anytime.

  2. Dyann Lyon
    Dyann Lyon says:

    It is so exciting to have Dr. Oz as a guide! He is loved and respected by millions for who he is and what he gives to the world. Having his voice combined with the voices of USANA is truly a gift! ~ Dyann

  3. Pam Buhr
    Pam Buhr says:

    I am currently leading a chair yoga class where that breath has been our focus of late, especially after reading Dr. Libby Weaver’s book, and other therapeutic Yoga books. I am not finished the last book yet but am going online to get Dr. Oz’s book as it is something I need and I shall just plug his insights during my yoga classes. Who knows I may get more customesrs as a result. Thanks Dan and Dr. Oz and USANA! Love the Book Club idea.

  4. Darrell Schoen
    Darrell Schoen says:

    Deep Belly Breathing works! I have been doing it numerous times throughout the day, especially at times when my stress level goes up and it drops. I can do it to lower my blood pressure. Finally, the wonderful thing is that you can do this breathing, once you learn it, any time and place and almost while you are doing anything. Try it for improved health!


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