Nancy Drew: Be Bikini Ready in 8 Weeks

Nancy Drew Fitness Expert

Nancy Drew, international bikini model and USANA fitness expert.

International bikini model and USANA’s own fitness expert Nancy Drew “clues” us in on some tips to make getting ready for swimsuit season easy and fun.

Over the next eight weeks, through exclusive videos, she will be showing us how to make changes to our nutrition that lead to weight loss, how to exercise in easy and meaningful ways, and above all, how to have fun while working toward the goal of having that slim body for summer.

Nancy says, “You will be successful when you find out how easy it is to get in shape.”

To kick off the program, Nancy shares eight tips to get us started on the path to a flat stomach.

Though these changes may be small, you should see a big difference in how you look and feel.

Week 1:

 1.    Eat 5-6 Meals a Day

It’s exciting to think when you eat more food you can actually lose weight. Aim for 3-4 oz. of protein with every meal. Foods can be as simple as legumes, nuts, Greek yogurt, jerky, etc. Eating healthy meals every three hours will actually boost your metabolism. “It’s like hitting the reset button … Eat more. Lose more,” Nancy says.

2.    Plan Meals in Advance

Keep Nutrimeal and USANA Protein Snacks handy when you’re on the go. (US products shown)

If you always have your next meal with you, you won’t eat something unhealthy. Keep your favorite Nutrimeal™ handy as well as some delicious protein snacks available so you’re ready to eat whenever hunger strikes.

3.    Prepare 90% of Meals at Home

When you prepare meals at home, you have control over what is going into your food. When you eat out, you don’t really know what you’re getting, plus portion sizes tend to be double the amount necessary.

A great tip is to place half of your meal in a “to-go” bag and always order sauces on the side.

4.    Drink Plenty of Water

You could be holding three or more inches of toxins in your belly because you aren’t drinking enough water. How much? A lot! Aim for one ounce per one pound of body weight. You’ll see your tummy tighten and slim out.

5.    Burn More Calories Than You Take In

Calories are sneaky because they tend to hide in things you may think are healthy, such as fruit juices, coffees, and many other foods. Be sure to check the label on everything you’re eating and drinking, and be conscious of how much sugar you’re consuming. Even though the label may say it’s “healthy,” it may not actually be.

6.    Save Wine for the Weekend

If you love your wine, just save it for the weekend. You can drink it as part of your “cheat” meal. Wine has a lot of calories, so be sure to drink in moderation, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

drew27.    Mix Up Your Exercises

Swap between cardio (50%) and strength training (50%) to confuse your muscles. For example, if you like running, run every other day, then work on building muscle the other days. As you build muscle, you’ll burn calories 3-5 times faster.

8.     Fast Before Cardio

Before you eat your morning meal, get in a cardio workout. Your body will burn more fat because it will go to the preserves your body’s been storing up over night.

Week 1


Week 2


View all of Nancy’s videos on her YouTube channel and be sure to check out USANA Health Sciences, Inc. on Facebook for a new video each Friday between now and June 20.

Start Today!

Incorporate these easy tips from Nancy today and find out how quickly you can lose weight. Then check Nancy’s YouTube channel next week for more tips to get bikini ready.

You can also visit for additional healthy ideas, recipes, and fun exercises.

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