25 RESET Winners Drop Nearly 1,300 Pounds


Darryl Rutherford lost 91 pounds.

The road to Sanoviv was paved with dedication, commitment, and a whole bunch of shed weight.

In our last RESET Challenge* (before we move to MySmart™Start), our final class of winners spanned from Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, and the United States. They all had unique stories and different backgrounds, but they all shared a common thread.

Each made significant and positive changes to their lives by taking control of their health. Finding a balance between a healthy diet, exercise, and a focus on health, our 25 RESET winners lost almost 1,300 pounds.

Darryl Rutherford from Ontario, Canada was the overall winner, losing 91 pounds. A semi-professional baseball coach running his family’s photography business, the 46-year old never had time to take care of himself. Odd hours and always being on the move made it hard to eat a proper diet, and he found his weight ballooning.

With the RESET Challenge, Darryl found the structure he needed to be proactive with his health. He liked the ease of the shakes and found himself finally getting the energy to get out and pitch batting practice.

“Nothing is more important than family, baseball, and USANA,” Darryl said. “Now that I have my life back, I can focus on my health. I am the living and breathing proof that our products work and they are changing my life.”


Megan Setlock lost more than 20 pounds.

Megan Setlock out of Virginia saw her weight loss as not just a positive improvement for her health but as the starting point to help build her business. An occupational therapist, Megan works with a geriatric population helping them rehabilitate their lives. After losing 20.2 pounds with the RESET Challenge, she has something new to talk about with her patients.

“I have become more aware of the value of proper nutrition, the necessity of proper supplementation, smart portion control, and the benefits of a low-glycemic lifestyle,” Megan said. “Now I have a chance to share my journey with Preferred Customers and fellow Associates after participating in RESET.”

After spending time with our field development team, Megan is ready to come back to Virginia and use her weight-loss story as a way of educating and sharing the world of USANA.

Australia’s Meril Perera knew all about how his sugar intake was affecting his health. His sedentary lifestyle as an IT project manager wasn’t gelling well with his ability to play with his seven-year-old son, Dinura. Add a world of conveniently located fast food shops along his route to work plus a mother who makes spectacular baked sweets, and Meril had lost control over his health.

“My weight had become more than looking bad with my shirt off,” Meril said. “There were real health problems associated with it: bad cholesterol, high blood pressure, and aching in pain from my weight. I knew I had to make a change.”

Not only did Meril dedicate himself to the RESET Challenge, but he also made a commitment to run every day. For 12 straight weeks, Meril would go to the gym and run on the treadmill. He laughed that it was really tough going at first, but in time it became the sort of life-changing behavior he needed for both himself and his family.


Meril Perera with his wife Thilini

Now that MySmart Protein Shakes are replacing Nutrimeal™, Meril couldn’t be happier. His family now has more options at meal time, helping him keep the weight off and to stay away from his mother’s sweet cakes.

“What I like most about MySmartFoods is how easy it is to have variety. During the RESET Challenge, I only drank the chocolate shakes. They were good, but we kept having to add things to them for variety,” Meril said. “Now that we have five flavor enhancers, I can do orange cream on Monday and banana on Tuesday. I know the options are going to help me maintain my weight now that the challenge is over.”

None of our RESET winners had as much temptation near them as New Zealand’s Asitha Paththapperuma. Studying to become a commercial plumber, Asitha worked as a baker for nearly a dozen years before joining USANA. Even though working as a commercial baker is a physical job, Asitha’s busy life left very little opportunity to make healthy choices for meals.


Asitha Paththapperuma lost 66 pounds.

“If I wasn’t in the bakery around all of the lovely bread, I was on the road working as a plumber grabbing a meat pie between job sites,” Asitha said. “There was never any time to plan healthy meals because I was so busy.”

His sister suggested RESET, and Asitha jumped at it. With a fiancé in Sri Lanka, he wanted to lose the weight a lifetime of eating poorly had piled on him. Like everyone, the first phase was difficult, but in time, he started seeing changes he really liked.

“I had to get out of my comfort zone. It was definitely a challenge for the first two weeks I was on RESET, but one day I finally started to feel lighter and had more energy,” Asitha said. “It was a real challenge, but I kept saying to myself, ‘I gotta do it, baby!’”

Staying motivated and eating a healthier diet came in time, and by the end of the challenge, Asitha lost 66 pounds. His “big, bloody belly” is gone, and he continues to eat right and exercise daily. It’s this dedication that empowers Asitha to share his incredible adventure.

“USANA has given me this opportunity to get healthy and to learn. Now, I feel that I should give it to others,” Asitha said. “I love to share my story and to tell the world about USANA.”

Please congratulate all of our 2016 RESET Challenge winners.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Individual results may vary. RESET weight-management system lowers your daily caloric intake and recommends moderate exercise for best results. Average results are 4.5 lbs. in five days.

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