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From The USANA Test Kitchen: Try This Tasty Nutrimeal Shake

Happy New Year! I am happy to be back on the blog with our first From the USANA Test Kitchen post of the year.

Many of us start the year with a goal to live a healthier lifestyle, and one component of that is eating better. Whether your are taking part in our Destination Transformation RESET Challenge, or just organizing your own program, I am sure many of you are including USANA’s Nutrimeal shakes as part of your healthy eating plan.

Today I am sharing a great recipe that will add a little spice to your day: Cool Banana Chai.

This shake provides an energy boost to an early morning start or dragging afternoon. With the flavors of banana and cinnamon, how can you go wrong?


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Cool Banana Chai Shake


12 oz water
3 scoops French Vanilla Nutrimeal
1 banana
1-2 tsp. cinnamon (if you really like cinnamon, go ahead and add more)
1 Rev3 Energy Surge Pack

Instructions are simple: Put all ingredients into a blender. Mix and enjoy.

This recipe is inspired by Paul Rohatensky’s award-winning recipe from our 2011 recipe contest. You can find more shake recipes on USANAToday.com.

Your Turn

Please share your favorite Nutrimeal recipes in the comments or on the RESET Challenge Facebook Page.

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14 replies
  1. Sherry Treiber
    Sherry Treiber says:

    Hey! Great Idea. I Love Chai Tea. I actually made this shake this morning using 2 scoops of Chocolate Whey (sans the REV 3 packet since I am out, but I did add a full scoop of Fibergy and a packet of Probiotics). It tastes nice and smooth. I think I’ll try the same recipe tomorrow with Strawberry Nutrimeal. 😀

  2. Roy Blocher
    Roy Blocher says:

    I’ve seen several really good recipies here. Do we have a central source where I could download a PDF of a bunch of Nutrimeal recipies?

  3. Gloria Dabbondanza
    Gloria Dabbondanza says:

    Try this delicious recipe:
    Nutrimeal Choc Whey, water, 6 frozen strawberries.
    Blend and enjoy. Costco also sells frozen pineapple
    with little sugar for the entire package. If you like
    strawberries or pineapple, this is for you. Enjoy.


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