Meet the USANA Management Team: Dave Wentz

You know our CEO Dave Wentz. You’ve seen him on stage before, in videos, on this very blog. Maybe you follow him on Twitter — he’s pretty popular, but could always use some more followers — or are friends on Facebook.

Since you know Dave, you probably know he loves a good adrenaline rush. He jumps out of planes for fun. Goes heli-skiing on pristine powder. Enjoys scuba diving. You know he’s always on the go — traveling to USANA’s international markets and tackling the mighty Wasatch Mountains on his bike when he’s at home in Utah. You know a little bit about his beautiful family, as well.

And if you read the Meet the Management profile on, you even know that Dave washes his hands before and after he uses the bathroom — it’s something you learn growing up with a world-class microbiologist, I guess.

But there are some things you may not know about our fearless leader. Here’s a quick list:

  • He plays fantasy football. In fact, he drafted the day before I talked to him for the Meet the Management story. He plays with other members of the USANA management team, and says it brings more interest to a lot of different NFL games.
  • Dave is a night owl. He hates mornings.
  • He has a phone phobia and prefers to talk to people face to face. “I don’t like talking to people on the phone because you can’t tell expressions — you can’t connect,” he says.
  • Dave loves to have a plan, but also loves to be spontaneous — just not spontaneous within something that’s carefully planned out.
  • He may look comfortable on stage in his suit and tie, but Dave hates dressing up. “I hate suits with a passion,” he says. “I don’t believe wearing a tie makes me smarter. I don’t dress up to come to work because that just makes me want to go home sooner and change.”

Dave Wentz with son Andrew and daughter Sydney.

There you have it, a little bit deeper glimpse into the life of USANA’s CEO. So next time you see Dave dressed up in the morning, pass on your condolences because secretly he’s probably not nearly as happy as he seems.

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