USA Today Ad Celebrates USANA’s Momentum, Achievements

One of the greatest forces in nature is that of momentum.

If you have a heavy truck moving fast, it has a large force of momentum. In other words, it takes a large and prolonged force to get that truck up to speed, and it takes a larger and prolonged force to bring it to a stop afterward.

In business terms, momentum is something that defines how businesses grow and how they flourish as time goes by.

USANA has grown to be a large force in the health and nutritional segment over the past 20 years, and with our most recent International Convention, we have seen a significant force pushing us to new heights. That incredible force is that of our growing Associate base and their efforts to share the USANA story and change people’s lives all around the world.

The USANA family has momentum, and we are charging forward with Associate and customer growth around the world — increasing numbers of world-class athletes trusting their health to USANA products; awards and accolades that continue to pour in; media coverage unlike ever before, highlighting this incredible company and how we’re changing lives; and technological and manufacturing advances that are keeping this incredible company at the forefront of nutrition.

Picture of Success

That momentum really kicked up a notch at our Convention and was highlighted with the Million Dollar Club members taking the stage for their annual photo.

The group took up more room on stage than ever before — so much so that we had to bring in extra staging to accommodate all of them. It was incredible to see such an amazing collection of leaders that have helped this company grow. It’s truly inspiring to know that these elite are passionate about USANA and have no plans of slowing down, either.

USANA’s elite Million Dollar Club at the company’s 2012 International Convention. Look for this photo in USA Today on Friday, Sept. 14, 2012, and in other newspapers the following weekend.

USANA in USA Today Worldwide

To celebrate 20 years of changing lives and recognize the Million Dollar Club leaders taking the company into the next 20 years, we are placing a congratulatory ad in major newspapers all over the world!

We’re starting it off with a worldwide placement in the newspaper USA Today on Sept. 14, and other markets will follow on the next weekend. The ad will run in editions of USA Today in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

As a bonus, this issue just happens to be the newspaper’s 30th Anniversary edition! Make sure you hit a newsstand this Friday to get a copy or two for yourself and a few copies to share.

We want everyone to see what this opportunity can do for those that want to embrace taking control of their health and their lifestyle. This ad will highlight all of our Million Dollar Club members, and we hope that everyone will pick up a copy as it hits your country to share with friends, family, potential USANA customers and business builders, as well as anyone that has the desire and passion to partner with a company that’s positioned for the next wave of success.

This ad is our way of saying thank you for building this company to where it is today and for sharing in pushing us forward to the point where momentum is on our side and people will be talking about us.

Be a part of the celebration. Get your copy of this incredible statement to the world, and share it as you work to become the next person to step onto the stage and take your place alongside these incredible leaders.

Celebrate 20 years of changing lives, and join us in recognizing the accomplishment of these Million Dollar Club members for being a strong force in creating our momentum!

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