USANA Family Answers the Call

One of life’s constants, in this season of thanks and gratitude especially, is that the USANA Family can be counted on to help those in need.

Duane Spears

Duane Spears

I recently learned that Duane Spears, a longtime Associate and commenter on this blog and other social media sites, suffered a massive stroke in his home on Sept. 27.

Thankfully, a fellow USANA Associate and member of Duane’s team had called him within minutes of his stroke. He could tell that Duane was in distress, and he immediately notified family members to check on him.

Help arrived and Duane was then airlifted to the University of Kansas Medical Center for treatment, writes USANA 1-Star Diamond Director Pete Zdanis, who’s helped spread the word about Duane’s condition via his email list. The stroke has left Duane paralyzed on his left side.

Duane is now on the long road to recovery, and he is grateful for the many thoughts and well wishes that have been sent his way. He took his first steps since the stroke earlier this month (watch this heartwarming video).

“One of our most generous USANA family members has been struggling and he needs our help,” writes Kathleen Rockney, USANA Gold Director and friend to Duane, a Director in Osawatomi, Kan., who joined USANA in 1995. “Before suffering a massive stroke, he had turned his lifestyle around with USANA and was doing Ironman training, eating well and of course taking USANA.”

He’s made a lasting impression on others as well.

“When Duane lived just down the coast of California from me, early in both of our USANA careers, he reached out and offered whatever help I needed in getting my USANA business off the ground,” writes Bronze Director Kristina Thorpe. “I have never forgotten.”

Duane’s family has created a web page with information on the many ways in which you can help. A fundraiser is set for Nov. 30 in Kansas but donations will gladly be accepted at any time.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States, I feel personal gratitude for the generosity of the USANA Family who answers the call to help people in need — from disaster relief through the USANA True Health Foundation to assistance for fellow Associates closer to home.

Thank you, USANA. Have a happy, healthy holiday.

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4 replies
  1. Cliff Norton
    Cliff Norton says:

    Thanks so much for getting Duane’s need out!
    I was one of the first few Usana associates Duane recruited and can say that he really needs and deserves our help. He has always has a very unselfish spirit and was willing to help any and all Usana associates no matter if it would benefit him or not – the downline didn’t make any difference to him.
    I remember a time when a person was recruited by a Gold Director in another state and they ask us for help. We ask her to talk to the Gold director who recruited her and she did, but was disappointed to hear the words that they didn’t have time to help/train her and for her to look up a local Usana associate and get them to help/train her. Even though Duane knew this was not the Usana way to train new people he told me that we should always do the right thing as far as Usana was concerned and help anybody that ask us for help. Always be available to help all associates no matter who’s downline they were in. He was and is the example of the Usana Team Spirit!!
    If each of us gave just $10.00 to Duane in his time of need and testing it would be amazing to see the results!! I talked with him today and he was upbeat and thankful to be alive and is looking forward to becoming a Gold Director and more in 2014!! Let’s all cheer him on!! God Bless you all!
    Cliff Norton
    Ojai, CA
    [email protected]

    • Tim Haran
      Tim Haran says:

      Thank you for sharing that great story. I’m glad to hear Duane is upbeat.

      It’s amazing what the USANA Family is capable of, and I’m looking forward to seeing them come together to help Duane.

      I hope the fundraiser tomorrow is a great success.


  2. Cliff Norton
    Cliff Norton says:

    Hi Tim,
    Thank you for your kind words! I sure hope the Usana family does come through for Duane. Thank you for your help in this regard. As soon as I hear the results of Duane’s fundraiser I will let you know.
    I have been giving $10.00 a month to CHF since Dr. Wentz/Usana first suggested that we give to help others. Now over the last few years they have CHF-WOI. Is this fund able to help Usana distributers that are in need? Can you think of a way we could get Duane to Sanoviv?
    Thank you,
    Cliff Norton


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