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Business Lessons Learned Playing Fantasy Sports

As one of the 57.4 million people who play fantasy sports, I count the days until so-called “draft season.” I completed my first of five live fantasy baseball drafts a couple weeks ago. When I wasn’t “on the clock” to add another player to The Bryzzo Show roster, I compiled a list of 5 business lessons […]

Our First Social Media Ambassador Lounge: 5 Lessons Learned

Regular readers of What’s Up, USANA? (or followers of USANA on our social media sites) know that in late August the company held its annual International Convention. It’s an important and exciting four days filled with plenty of opportunities to share on social. I’ve written before about how I believe the true power of social media […]

The Future of Nutritional Science: Mitophagy Explained

This blog post is brought to you by the letter M. Two words critical to our discussion today are: mitophagy and mitochondria. Now let’s get to it! First, a couple definitions… Mitochondria (n.) are organelles in the cytoplasm of cells that function in energy production. They convert glucose (sugar) into ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), which is […]