Kevin Guest: Are You Up for the Challenge?

Kevin GuestI recently sat across the table from Dr. Wentz and we discussed the future of this great company. To hear his vision of where we’re headed from a product perspective and a research and development standpoint is inspiring.

In meeting with the entire management team at our recent quarterly retreat and planning for the future, it’s clear that USANA’s future is very bright.

I’ve never been more excited than I am now about where we’re headed, and I wanted to try something new to communicate my thoughts and excitement with all of you.

We’re in the people business, and being in the people business means we talk and we communicate. I want to use social media to communicate with all of you things that are on my mind and things that are happening to USANA.

Beginning today and continuing monthly, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on What’s Up, USANA? through video messages like the one below.

Social media is ever-evolving and I appreciate you using these tools to communicate Dr. Wentz’ vision.


If you’re unable to view the above video, please visit the USANA YouTube channel

A Challenge

In this first message, I wanted to issue a challenge. My challenge to you: Consider where you are in your business.

Wherever you are, I challenge you to step it up. Remember how excited you were when you first heard about USANA. Share that enthusiasm and excitement.

Why do you do what you do every day? I share my “why” in the video and I’d love to hear your “why” in the comments.

Thank you and have a great USANA day.

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  1. Alan Parkes
    Alan Parkes says:

    Thanks Kevin, I always appreciate very much your sincere and encouraging approach to us.

    One thing, if I may mention it, is that the lighting didn’t allow us to see your kind eyes. It improves communication and personal contact if the viewer can see the speaker’s eyes clearly, as you will appreciate. A simple white paper/card reflector or low front light would do the trick.

    Thanks again and we look forward to your regular videos!


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