Work Hard and Play Hard—All in Day’s Work

USANA Volleyball 1 Picture this: you’re working feverishly, molding a piece of putty. You’ve almost got it right, but everyone around you is leaning in and yelling—boat—tea cup—sink! So close. Just as the timer goes off, a teammate shouts out “CLAW-FOOT TUB.” You win!

No, it’s not family game night. It’s just another day at the office.

We’ve always been told there’s a time and place for work and play—and that’s together. Believe it or not, there are lots of benefits of playing at work.

Recently, my own department decided to give it a try. One Friday a month we set aside an hour for games. (Yes, I was sculpting the claw-foot tub, and yes—my team won.)

We also spent an afternoon bowling together. It was so nice to leave the confines of our cubicles and really get to know each other.

Playing at work can really pay off. Just take a look at the benefits:

USANA Volleyball 2Boosts Creativity

Taking time to play games gets your brain thinking outside the box, resulting in better brainstorms and more creative outcomes.

Taking a break also helps you to view the job from a different angle and discover new solutions and ways of doing things.

Deepens Relationships 

Look around your workspace. How well do you know your coworkers? Taking time to laugh and play silly games together allows you to let loose and get to know one another better. It also fosters trust and a sense of community.

Relieves Stress

Sometimes knocking over a few pins is all you need to vent your frustration. Playing games or leaving the office can certainly help release endorphins and lower stress levels.

Increases Job Satisfaction

Because who wouldn’t want to play Cranium at work? Offering game breaks or work outings makes employees happy, which, in turn, makes them work harder and care more about the company. They’ll also have some fun stories to tell when they get home.

  • Happier meetings.
  • Happier employees.
  • More creative results.

Have I sold you on play yet?

USANA Volleyball 3Pick one of the suggestions below, and give it a try this week:

Once a week, schedule 30–60 minutes of game
time with your team.

  • Play Games—take turns bringing in your
    favorites and giving them a try.
  • Make a compilation of your favorite
    YouTube clips.
  • Sketch your neighbor and share your
    drawings. Try to guess who is who.
  • Once a month or quarter, schedule an off-site

    • Bowling
    • Curling
    • Movie
    • BBQ
    • ____________ (fill in the blank)

Remember, departments who play together, stay together. Schedule a fun work outing and let the wild rumpus begin.

Share your favorite work games or outings in the comments below!

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