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Happy “Expectant” Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day—a time to celebrate and pamper the amazing mothers in your life. I love sharing stories around the dinner table as we honor my mom, but this year I’ll be celebrating a little differently. I’m a first-time expectant mother. With a little one growing inside me, it’s a very special Mother’s Day, indeed. Although […]

Work Hard and Play Hard—All in Day’s Work

Picture this: you’re working feverishly, molding a piece of putty. You’ve almost got it right, but everyone around you is leaning in and yelling—boat—tea cup—sink! So close. Just as the timer goes off, a teammate shouts out “CLAW-FOOT TUB.” You win! No, it’s not family game night. It’s just another day at the office. We’ve […]

Jared & Crystal: A USANA Love Story

Time, financial freedom, and improved health—that’s what Crystal Lopez hoped for when she first met USANA. What she ended up with, however, was so much more than she could have dreamed. Thanks to a little persuasion from Jared Crebs, a USANA mentor on her team, she registered for International Convention right after joining the USANA […]