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Supplement Spotlight: MagneCal D Supports Your Active Life

You have places to go, miles to run, mountains to climb, and yes, waves to surf. You’ll go as far as your bones will take you. That’s why it’s so important to support the foundation for your active life. As you age, your bones continually change, becoming weaker and thinner. Bone loss is a normal […]

Lucy Chen: One Woman’s Journey to a Healthy Ever After

Motivation can take many different shapes. For Lucy Chen, the desire to change came in the form of an emergency room. For years, she had put her health on the back burner, focusing instead on taking care of her family and job. But it all came crashing down in 2009 when she collapsed at the […]


Happy “Expectant” Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day—a time to celebrate and pamper the amazing mothers in your life. I love sharing stories around the dinner table as we honor my mom, but this year I’ll be celebrating a little differently. I’m a first-time expectant mother. With a little one growing inside me, it’s a very special Mother’s Day, indeed. Although […]

Work Hard and Play Hard—All in Day’s Work

Picture this: you’re working feverishly, molding a piece of putty. You’ve almost got it right, but everyone around you is leaning in and yelling—boat—tea cup—sink! So close. Just as the timer goes off, a teammate shouts out “CLAW-FOOT TUB.” You win! No, it’s not family game night. It’s just another day at the office. We’ve […]