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5 Ways to Give Your Business a Boost Right Now

What happens when you invite hundreds of business owners to learn from entrepreneurial experts? Drinking out of a fire hose doesn’t even begin to describe it. The amount of inspirational tidbits that went flying for three days in Las Vegas could be better described as a torrential rainstorm or raging waterfall. No matter how you […]

Just $1 Can Make a Difference

One dollar is no big deal, right? We slap it down for a drink, an extra slice of cheese, a side of ranch, you name it—all without a second thought. Sometimes we even throw our change away, because it’s too much of a hassle to carry around. But what if a single dollar could actually […]

How to Run a Business with Kids at Home

Picture this: you’re meeting with a potential teammate, and it’s going great. You’re flipping through the Health & Freedom Newspaper, about to introduce the USANA opportunity, when a screaming child slides across the floor and rams into your table — completely diverting your attention. Sound familiar? Running your own business can be tough work — […]

7 Steps to Run a Part Time Business

It may seem like it’s impossible to build a highly successful business by just working on it part time. You might be right. But then again, you might be wrong. I’m not going to tell you it will be easy. I’m not going to tell you it won’t take a lot of motivation, hard work […]

6 Steps for Developing a Strong Team

Teamwork — it’s the glue that holds your business together. But how do you build a strong team? How do you increase camaraderie and move forward together? With a little help from USANA Gold Director Bob Shehan, of course! This dedicated leader recently hosted a USANA webinar, sharing his secrets for team success. He highlighted […]

5 Steps to Hosting a Summer Slimdown

It’s here — summer is upon us. The season of gardening, camping, outdoor activities, and swimsuits. Which means it’s time to pull out the scale and start your own Summer Slimdown. Not to worry, we’re here to get you started. In fact, we’ve devoted the entire month of June to helping you achieve your goals […]