Emotional Detox 101

Emotional Detox 101

We’ve been writing about the benefits of doing a physical detox and tips on cleansing the body of toxins a lot lately on the blog.

What we haven’t touched on yet is the emotional side of things.  We’re talking about emotional detox. 

Our emotions are a powerful force that can impact our physical health, financial health, and it has influence on others as well.

Holding onto emotions like fear, insecurity, doubt, and anger prevents us from living an abundant life full of opportunity and leaves less room for positive emotions to grow and flourish. 

Giving ourselves permission to let go and “cleanse” ourselves of these negative emotions lets us have more energy to focus on the good in life and do more. 

So, how do we cleanse our emotions?

I’m going to cover 10 ways we can work out the negative emotions, let them go, and start focusing on the good.

Step 1: Acknowledge them

Acknowledging our feelings is the first step to letting them go. We need to acknowledge where we are at in order to take action and improve our lives. 

Step 2: Write them down

Journaling is a great way to write out our stream of consciousness and get our negative emotions out. 

Step 3Talk about them

Talking about how we’re feeling is another way to release and cleanse negative emotions. Whether it’s talking to a trusted confidant or a therapist, speaking aloud how we’re feeling and what’s weighing us down can open our eyes to what we need to change or do to remedy the situation.

Step 4Helping others in need

Helping others in need can help us, too. When we volunteer we are practicing empathy, compassion, and selflessness for others. Volunteering can help give a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It also can help us cultivate gratitude for our own lives and what we have.

Step 5Take a Break

Sometimes all we need is a break. Working all day, using social media, watching the news, and interacting with others constantly can wear us down both physically and emotionally. The stress of work, social media, and negative news stories can take a toll on our emotional health — so simply disconnecting and taking a break from it all for a day or even a week can provide a benefit.

Step 6Have compassion

Having patience and compassion for yourself can be key to letting go of negative emotions that may be holding you back. Not everything is always going to be a walk in the park. Everyone encounters setbacks throughout life and is challenged to grow and change. Even if it seems difficult at first, have compassion and patience to keep moving forward. 

Step 7Do what you love

Whether it’s going for a run, watching Netflix, or reading a book — doing something you love has the power to re-energize you and help you focus on the good things in life. It’s hard to feel negative emotions when you’re doing something you really enjoy and having a good time! Make time to do what you love.

Step 8Spend time with people you love

When all else fails, spending time with the people you love can help alleviate feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Reach out to them when you need emotional support for difficult times in life.

Step 9: Don’t sweat the small stuff

We all know regular exercise is important, but getting in an intense 15-minute workout can give you a burst of energy and endorphins — which is sure to lift your mood for the rest of the day. Sweat it out! If doing a high intensity workout isn’t your thing, try going for a long walk and make a point to be mindful of your surroundings. Think about what you’re grateful for.

After all, we know that practicing gratitude has its own health benefits.

Step 10: Cry

If you really are having a hard time letting go of your negative emotions, don’t be afraid to cry it out. Crying is the physical manifestation of releasing emotions (both negative and positive). Sometimes just having a good cry helps a lot!  

hope this was useful in giving you a few ideas of what you can start doing today to give yourself an emotional cleanse! We have all felt the physical impacts of negative emotions in one way or another — headaches, anxiety, body aches — so using one of these techniques to “detox” your emotions can serve as a coping mechanism.

 June is detox month here at USANA, so remember to not only take care of your body but tend to your emotions as well!

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  1. Nasirbanu
    Nasirbanu says:

    Thank you USANA
    Dr Wentz
    I love you, your vision and what you are creating for others!
    Excellence is your motto
    May YOU live life to the fullest before you exit …
    You will be remembered forever as your generation will continue to build on the foundation you leave behind!

    I am 72 and have a strong belief in USANA products since 2006
    In 2015… the bladder cancer spread to Pelvic LN … 4th Grade Cancer!…2% chance of living!
    2017! Feeling great after a difficult journey
    Last CT Scan shows the LN are growing again !
    My surgeon tells me they are due to inflammation created by Immune Therapy given to me in 2015
    Oncologist tells me it is a spread!
    Hopefully the surgeon is right and as I continue to take USANA products in Mega proportion I will continue to have a better quality of life until it is time to go back HOME!
    Any recommendations for me????


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