A Couple’s Quest for Quality Health

For some, retirement means you get to slow down and rest from your labors. But for Phil and Penny Kirk, slowing down is not an option. They want their life to be creative, adventurous, and enriching to the very end. And they know the only way for them to live life to the fullest is to make health a top priority.

Even before USANA, Phil and Penny were passionate about health. They both come from competitive sports backgrounds and have always been dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle.

For them, healthy living breaks down into four parts: daily exercise, adequate rest, reduction of stress, and a high-quality diet. And they try to incorporate all of these into their lives every day.

“Our diet depends on what we are trying to achieve with our health,” they say. “We are always looking for new ways to achieve results and are willing to change our diet to adapt to our goals.”

Phil and Penny call themselves “chicken and broccoli people.” They try to keep their diets clean and simple, and they minimize any foods that can create negative effects on the body. And of course, with such active lives, they make sure to get the protein they need by supplementing with USANA.

Peak Shape

On top of a healthy diet, Phil and Penny are committed to physical fitness. “You could probably put us in the extreme category,” Penny says. “Our interest has always been to operate at a high level of performance, so we engage in some sort of physical activity every day.” Whether they are at the gym or hiking their favorite trail, Phil and Penny make sure their bodies are always in peak shape so they don’t slow themselves down.

Even Everest

For Phil and Penny, living a healthy lifestyle gives them the confidence to know they can accomplish anything they set their mind to—including climbing Mount Everest, which they did in 2010. “We were some of the older people in the group and we didn’t wonder once that we could do it—we knew we could do it,” Phil says. “That’s how we approach life. There’s a confidence we have mentally, physically, and emotionally. We continue learning new ways we can maximize our own human potential and we live in a world of exponential growth.”


That’s exactly why USANA was such a natural addition to their lives. It offered them a health system that just fit perfectly. “Our passion for health has always been there, so adding USANA to our lives gave us an amazing opportunity to share our passion with others. USANA offers another opportunity for personal growth.”

Phil and Penny love sharing that same opportunity with others because they believe that it’s never too late to make positive change. “If you want to create healthy change in your life, we recommend starting with supplementation. When you start taking high-quality supplements, it somehow rebalances you and can help you feel more motivation to continue making positive changes in your health.”*

Phil and Penny believe USANA is the ultimate model for helping others make positive changes in their lives. “USANA helps us tie all of the elements of health together—physically, mentally, and financially,” they say. “And that’s exactly why we’re still here after 20 years.”

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