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A Couple’s Quest for Quality Health

For some, retirement means you get to slow down and rest from your labors. But for Phil and Penny Kirk, slowing down is not an option. They want their life to be creative, adventurous, and enriching to the very end. And they know the only way for them to live life to the fullest is […]

Unified in Passion. United in Purpose.

Like it or not, we all crave companionship. We work daily to build solid relationships that enhance our lives and the lives of those around us. It’s those relationships that fuel our passion and dictate our choices. That’s why there is nothing quite as powerful as a community of like-minded individuals. A community, working together […]

How To: Make Connections That Last

USANA is all about people—about finding ways to connect with others and sharing what we know and who we are. While attending USANA’s SWEET Retreat—Successful Women Empowering Entrepreneurs Together—I got to talk with so many amazing Associates. I listened to their stories, their struggles, and their successes, and realized that these people were going to […]